British Police to question former head of MI6 over Libya Renditions

Former MI6 officer to be questioned over Libya rendition

The British police are to question former head of MI6’s counterterrorism unit over Libya rendition.

Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:15PM GMT

The British police are to question Sir Mark Allen, former head of MI6’s counterterrorism unit, over his complicity in the rendition and torture of two opponents of the Gadaffi regime.

The police will question Allen in connection with Britain’s role in handing over two former Libyan dissidents Abdel Hakim Belhadj and Sami al-Saadi to Gaddafi’s secret police.

The two Libyan dissidents were subjected to years of imprisonment and torture after they were returned to Libya in 2004.

There is a delay in former MI6 officer’s questioning about the allegations because he suffered a stroke earlier in July.

The UK police launched an inquiry into the case in January 2012 following revelations that Allen was complicit in torture of the two Libyans.

Emergencies director of Human Rights Watch, Peter Bouckaert said, “A man with many secrets has a lot of favours he can call in. I hope he recovers soon enough to reveal some light on a very sordid page of British history. It is time to end the secrecy around Britain’s relationship with Gaddafi, and both the British and the Libyan public deserve some answers.”

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