Brown Out, Science In: California Must Lead the Nation in Scientific Recovery

Brown Out, Science In: California Must Lead the Nation in Scientific Recovery

April 11 2015
By LPAC Policy Committee member and former candidate for U.S. Congress, Michael Steger

The state of California is currently strangled by incompetent policy makers, from hapless fraudster Governor Jerry Brown—who has dedicated his life to destroying California’s water infrastructure and water resources, as well as the population generally—to Dennis E. O’Connor, principle consultant for the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water, who rabidly endorsed the myth of man-made climate change yet denies the scientific facts of severe droughts, as well as floods, which have ravaged the state of California since long before human science and industry became a factor, including the now reported, galaxy-based 32 million year Earth climatic cycle.

Are the leaders of California so afraid of such incompetent myths and fraudsters that they will tolerate a blatant disregard for real science and technology, a fraud that now threatens the lives of 38 million people and the food supply of a nation?

The scientific direction of our nation has been grossly misled by Governor Jerry “The Clown” Brown, and for over 40 years! By 1962, under the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, our nation was led by leaders such as Governor Pat Brown, who held a deep moral commitment towards the powers of science and technology to solve the great challenges of global development and human advancement. Now, today, California epitomizes the destruction of the U.S. economy.

What was once the leading state of the nation in scientific development in 1962, California is now reduced to desiccation and threatened with massive depopulation. Jerry Brown personally led the destruction, especially by reducing California’s water resource development during the 1970s, all while preaching his hippie version of Wall St. austerity, “Less is more.” Now out to finish the job he started, as quoted in the New York Times Sunday edition April 5, 2015, Brown is prepared to reduce the population of California by 99% to 300,000 people!

Clearly, less of Brown means potentially more water for all of us. Now we must access it.

As reported in the recent LaRouche PAC scientific report, recent developments in atmospheric science demonstrate solar and galactic factors in Earth’s climate and rainfall which have resulted in major periodic fluctuations on a global scale. Based on these considerations, and under new leadership for the state and with the new incoming Presidency, California and the national institutions must be mobilized for immediate research and development into key scientific and related areas to ensure the well being and development of the people of California and the nation for two generations or more ahead.

These areas include, but are not limited to:

Desalination, including nuclear desalination.

Fusion research for increased desalination rates, in addition to infinite other benefits.

Atmospheric ionization, including investments into current ionization techniques which have proven successful in Mexico, Australia, and the middle east, as well as international collaboration on atmospheric research on solar and galactic factors in cloud formation, precipitation, and climate changes more generally.

Mankind has the power to address the problems of drought, as much as famine or disease, by the powers of the human mind to grasp the higher principles governing our universe. As Johannes Kepler identified the harmonies governing the solar system, so can we identify the causes of the cycles of rainfall and climate that affect our development on Earth. This power of mankind, known as creativity, is an intrinsic principle governing the development of our solar system, our galaxy, and beyond, and it is the fundamental basis for a true human economy. Animals, left to their own devices, perish at the whims of the galaxy, but mankind can and must rise to the level of the stars, or else perish under the current Brown tyranny.

Most importantly, ideologues still clinging on to such fooleries as man-made climate change are facing near extinction. A new economic system now under development for the majority of the human race, instigated by the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), and recently formalized with the BRICS New Development Bank and the China-initiated Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, insists on basic human rights of development and progress through the powers of science, infrastructure, and technology, as the necessary role for the human species.

If we are to end the cycle of droughts and political failure, and address the higher underlying causes of climate and economy, the U.S. must join the BRICS nations and initiate a new century of global development. We must end the inhuman relics of the Brown period, and return to California’s greatest heritage of science, space exploration and cultural optimism.

Fortunately for mankind, when such commitments are not passed down from father to son, they remain still accessible, as if from the stars, as universal poetic conceptions by those of us committed to a higher mission for humankind.

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