Brussels blast aired on CNN and others possibly from a 2011 incident in Russia UPDATE, THIS IS NOW CONFIRMED

Brussels blast aired on CNN and others possibly from a 2011 incident in Russia UPDATE, THIS IS NOW CONFIRMED

Jim Stone

This seems to have creedence, though I have not been able to tie it together perfectly. Evidently, there is no CCTV footage of the actual blast in Brussels, and everything, including the iconic photo of the “three terrorists” is now completely unconfirmed. Evidently a news agency intentionally re-branded old footage from Russia, and CNN and others took the bait.

Rumor has it that CNN has now pulled that footage, leaving absolutely nothing to replace it with. And if this is true, I know why – because there are rumors now coming out of Brussels that the entire blast originated in the ceiling of the airport (confirmed completely by people in Brussels writing to this web site) and not from any cart on the floor. If this is the case, then the bombs were obviously planted in the ceiling ahead of time to reduce casualties and produce a nice boom, and you cannot have that as video because everyone would know the story line is bogus, – and therefore fake footage of the actual blast was used, footage that originated in Russia.

AND HMMM, WHAT ABOUT THAT SUBWAY SHUT DOWN IN DC? Do not ever let that one slip your mind, not even for the next five years. Perfect way to set up a similar scenario in DC to be used when convenient. There is more on that topic on this page as well, but it is probably down the page a ways.

It all makes sense, and there is a lot here to pick through now under the March 22 date.

March 22 2016

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  • theunhivedmind

    As this event first unfolded I told a relative I was with to keep their eyes and ears open for anything happening on the Washington D.C underground network. I had a feeling this event may have been the widespread Western attack we’d been warned about but it could still happen at any minute. You’ve got to always store data and look at all these strange actions and events which lead into large actions used to further the New Venice Empire tyranny. So all eyes on that DC underground whether it happens in days, months or even years but remember it always! Maybe DC was to be targeted today but we put a stop to it by forecasting the event and the perpetrators.

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