Californians Sign Petition to Protect Holocaust Beach Party

Californians Sign Petition to Protect Holocaust Beach Party

June 3, 2013

Media analyst and social critic Mark Dice has once again pushed the envelope in demonstrating the state of utter mindlessness most Americans exhibit on a day to day basis.

This time Mark showed how out-of-touch with reality Americans are by asking beach goers if they would mind signing a petition to protect the “Holocaust Beach Party,” a Jewish festival, Dice explains, in danger of being canceled due to budget cuts.

“It’s gonna be a lot of Holocaust reenactments,” Dice tells one petition signer. “They’re gonna be digging holes in the beach and burying people for fun as a contest to see how many bodies they can bury in the beach, it’s part of the Holocaust celebration…so this supports the Holocaust.”

Mark tells another person, “It’s this old Jewish tradition,” and finishes up with 14 names on his form who volunteered signatures without batting an eyelid.

Obviously the festival Mark gathered support for is a fictional event completely thought up by Mark himself.
However, the nervy stunt is yet another disturbing glimpse into the nation’s trance-like, walking zombie mental state, and shows how most Americans are unwilling to take the time to read, or listen to, what they’re signing, instead choosing to keep their heads in the sand, so to speak, and stay uninformed.

Dice’s previous videos have also made headlines for getting numerous people to sign petitions to

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