Calls grow for armed activists in Oregon to stand down… Ted Cruz, Oath Keepers, conservative columnists all say it’s the wrong approach

Calls grow for armed activists in Oregon to stand down… Ted Cruz, Oath Keepers, conservative columnists all say it’s the wrong approach

Monday, January 04, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) The number of conservative and patriot voices calling for the armed Oregon activists to stand down is rapidly growing today, with Ted Cruz now asking the protesters to “stand down peaceably.”

Oath Keepers has also publicly stated that the Hammond family “does not want an armed standoff and nobody has the right to force one on them.”

Even though the armed ranchers have committed no violence, no arson, no vandalism and no acts of violence whatsoever, nearly the entire leftist media is now referring to them as “terrorists.” Keep in mind that when Black Lives Matter protesters set fire to buildings in Ferguson and Baltimore, the media never referred to them as “terrorists.” Even when two Muslims murdered office workers in San Bernardino, the leftist media went out of its way to avoid referring to them as “terrorists,” instead ridiculously claiming the event was simply “workplace violence.”

But when Oregon ranchers camp out on public lands while legally carrying rifles on their shoulders, suddenly every leftist media outlet and insane leftist talking head is calling for them to be shot and slaughtered by the federal government. Montel Williams, for example, shamelessly Tweeted “put this down using National Guard with shoot to kill orders.” This is Montel Williams calling for an armed government to slaughter private citizens who have a legitimate grievance (and who haven’t committed any acts of violence at all).

Political left full of rage and violence against white people (and gun owners in particular)
What’s emerging from this conflict is the mad violence of voices on the left who can’t wait to see the Obama regime open fire on anyone who has a legitimate grievance against a corrupt federal land management cartel (BLM).

Nowhere in any of the leftist media coverage is any honest analysis of why these ranchers feel so wronged by an oppressive, unjust federal regime known as the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM’s land grab and outrageous use of anti-terrorism laws to throw the Hammond family in prison for five years for the “crime” of running a controlled burn brush fire never seems to enter any of the mainstream media coverage.

Instead, their entire focus is on depicting these armed ranchers as “terrorists” even though they’ve committed no acts of terrorism whatsoever. In reality, they are guilty of nothing more than “camping” inside a federal building — not much of a crime when you consider that half the federal workforce “camps” in federal buildings all day long and gets paid for it!

Nevertheless, the armed activists in Oregon are getting no real traction in the media, not even in the alternative media or social media. It is difficult for most of the public to understand what exactly they’re trying to accomplish when the Hammond family itself has already turned themselves in to the feds (to face four more years in prison, no less) and doesn’t want these armed activists around.

If the Oregon activists peacefully stand down now, they’re already achieved a huge victory
By bringing attention to the outrageous crimes of the BLM and federal overreach into private lands, these armed activists have already achieved a legitimate measure of victory. Tactically speaking, they can stand down right now, declare victory, and possibly face relatively minor criminal charges such as criminal trespassing.

If they choose to stay in the buildings, the public uproar is only going to become louder and more insane, with more and more media lies being broadcast and irrational, enraged voices on the left calling for the government to slaughter these men and women out of sheer hatred for them. When the left calls for violence, it’s always okay with the media, of course. So mass murder conducted by the government is given a green light by everyone on the extreme left.

But as I’ve pointed out in a recent podcast, if the government slaughters these men, it may spark a nationwide armed revolt against tyranny.

So let’s hope that cooler heads prevail and this ends peacefully, with no casualties on either side.

This event has unveiled the extreme violence and genocidal tendencies of the political left in America
One takeaway we’ve learned from this, by the way, is that according to the left, there is no such thing as a legitimate grievance against the federal government. If the federal government trumps up some bogus charges and sends you to prison for five years while forcing the sale of your land, apparently that’s okay with people like Montel Williams (and everybody on CNN). Even more shocking, we’ve also learned that people on the left are happy and willing to call for the federal government to slaughter anyone they dislike.

Whatever happened to “tolerance?” If a group of Black Lives Matter protesters camped out in a federal building, it would be called “social justice.” If a group of Muslims camped out in a federal building, they would be called “refugees.” But when white men from rural Oregon camp out in a federal building, it’s called “terrorism.” Isn’t it amazing how racist the leftist media has become in its twisted coverage of events? When Black Lives Matter protesters commit mass arson and looting in Ferguson, MO, that’s “justified” we’re told.

What we are really witnessing here is the cultural slide toward precisely the conditions that have historically led to genocide at the hands of oppressive government. With each passing day, the USA is becoming a lot more like communist China, where any person who publicly disagrees with the government is quickly “disappeared” while the obedient masses call for more government violence against dissenters.

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