Cameraman Attacked At Greek Neo-Nazi Party “Anti-Islamization” Protests

Caught On Tape: Cameraman Attacked At Greek Neo-Nazi Party “Anti-Islamization” Protests

Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 04/09/2016 17:55 -0400

Despite proclamations from Europe’s leaders that Greece was is fixed thanks to its latest round of bailouts and austerity, leaving aside The IMF’s hatchet job, and growth is set to return any quarter now; unemployment remains mid-20%, capital controls continue to be in place (ATM caps), and the growing refugee ‘problem’ leaves social unrest rearing its ugly head once again.

As KeepTalkingGreece reports, the following shocking video footage captures the moment when a member of the right-extremists of Golden Dawn runs and raise an iron stick against the cameraman of a private television channel covering a GD meeting in the streets of Piraeus. The attacker is wearing a helmet.

“At the very last moment, the cameraman managed to escape the attack,” the Live News presenter explains in the video adding “it was a miracle that the cameraman went unharmed”.

According to Live News presenter’s website, “present at the incident were also two MPs from Golden Dawn, I. Kasidiaris and Y. Lagos.”

GD piraeus

Live News and NewsIt speak of “murder attempt” against the cameraman and wonders why the police did not detain the ‘bully’.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon, during a Golden Dawn meeting in Piraeus “against the country’s Islamization” as the racist party said in a poster. An anti-Fascist protest was organized at the same time.

Minor incidents occurred between the two groups, riot police intervened with sound flares, one anti-fa protester has been slightly injured.

There have been apparently two detentions but it is not known who has been detained and why.

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