Can EMP fry the U.S.?

Can EMP fry the U.S.?

Jim Stone

Mike wrote:

In the event of WWIII, most assume it would go nuclear with devastating consequences. However, since the objective is a one world government nuking the planet doesn’t seem to be a desirable option. I have heard that there are EMP type weapons of great power which if detonated at an altitude of about 20 miles above the USA would completely fry the electrical power grid – i.e. no electricity for the entire country. In addition, they would completely fry the electronics of cars, cell phones, you name it. Therefore, with no operating vehicles, fixing the power grid would be almost impossible. Nothing could get done anywhere. People would soon starve, but their deaths would not really contaminate the planet like nuclear weapons. If the elite had a place and provisions to weather the storm, they could come out later and rebuild their new world. This could be done not only to the US, but also to Russia, China or anywhere else they wanted a drastic population reduction.

The question: is this scenario even feasible, or just internet nonsense? What do you think?

My response: EMP will not do anything of significance to modern electronics. I have been over this many times before. The only thing EMP might do to America is trip the power grid out, with a few repairs needed in a few areas, and a long re-start time. Computer networks that use long runs of copper wire (not fiber optic, which is the norm now) I mean old systems that still use cat 5, phone systems that still use copper wire, will likely see damage and go down if the attack is strong enough.

a broad region EMP can’t fry a laptop or any other small electronic device, let alone the circuits in a car for several very good reasons. In order:

1. The cross section is too small for any long range EMP to interact with. If an EMP is going to travel for long distances, it has to be a low frequency. And low frequencies do not like to couple with small objects. High frequency EMP bursts cannot travel through the air very far, because air has water vapor which soaks up high frequencies. The maximum damaging range ever achieved with a high frequency EMP is a radius of 2 miles in perfectly clear dry weather. This is with a top of the line coil type EMP weapon with explosive detonator. In some instances, even this top of the line type of EMP weapon has a range limited to a few hundred yards, (when it is raining) because water affects them so much.

If you ever wondered why high frequency “ray” type weapons have such a limited range, never working in a way that will destroy anything at distances over a mile, water vapor in the air is the biggest reason why. Since it takes a high frequency to drive energy into the circuits of a cell phone, Ipad, or even a car because all the wires are short in length, there will be no legitimate EMP type destruction of these types of items over broad regions simply because it is not technically possible to accomplish.

Low frequency EMP of the type that can toast the power grid is technically possible to accomplish but very unlikely to ever be successful because the system is too well protected by circuit breakers, and if anything does blow it will most likely be easily replaced transformers. The spare transformers that are sitting around most electrical yards won’t get blown by any low frequency EMP because their coils sit inside steel cabinets, which are perfect faraday cages. The only way a surge of power can hit a transformer from an EMP is if the surge gets induced into the electrical lines feeding into and from the transformer. And even at that, the weakest transformer will blow first, and once it provides a path to ground none of the other transformers on the line are likely to blow. So the way I see a well implemented EMP attack on America playing out will be this:

Power goes out everywhere, because circuit breakers trip. Several large generators explode at power stations, but it is only a percentage, (less than 10 percent, probably more like 2 or 3 percent. Practically everyone in the country will see the sky light up from an exploding transformer somewhere, but it will only be one of hundreds in the area. Lights will be out for quite a while, but after a few days they will be mostly back on.

But there is a real EMP “threat” for all cars, Iphones, tablets, computers, etc and this “threat” will be the cell phone system, which can fake an EMP blackout of everything by commanding suicide circuits in many devices to activate and destroy the device, and by telling the ECU’s in the cars to fake the car being dead. There will be no legitimate EMP destruction of these devices, but with all the hoaxing and technical illiteracy going on with the EMP scare crowd, everyone will believe EMP wiped the country out because the primary reason will be ignored – remote deactivation and destruction of electronics via command, issued by the cell phone system.

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