Car rams into Shanghai’s US consulate, guard injured

Car rams into Shanghai’s US consulate, guard injured

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A Chinese individual has crashed his car into a gate of the US consulate in the Chinese city of Shanghai, injuring an armed policeman guarding the premises.

“A black car intended to rush into US General Consulate in Shanghai at 10 pm [0200 GMT] Thursday. The male driver has been controlled,” a tweet from the state-run People’s Daily said.

According to a statement by Shanghai police, the driver, identified as Liu Daojie, has been taken into custody, official news agency Xinhua reported.

The driver of the black Toyota sedan told police that by doing so, he aimed to draw people’s attention as he felt someone intended to kill him.

“I drove from Hangzhou to Shanghai today, and saw the place is guarded by armed police. So I crashed my car into it,” the police statement quoted Liu as saying.

The statement further said the Chinese driver, who claims to be the owner of a large company in Fujian Province, seemed confused and spoke unintelligibly.

An investigation is underway into the case, and police has rejected preliminary media reports that the driver was drunk, Xinhua said.

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