Carnage In Gaza: Israel Wiping Out Entire Families

Carnage In Gaza: Israel Wiping Out Entire Families

July 22, 2014 • 5:28AM

The Israeli military may, indeed, be inflicting damage on Palestinian militant groups that they hold responsible for shooting rockets into Israel, but in the process they’re killing large numbers of civilians and destroying entire families. Officials of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu cynically say that they’re trying to avoid civilian casualties by warning Gazans ahead of time about oncoming Israeli strikes.

The only problem with that is, where are people going to go that’s safe in the Gaza Strip, where every square inch of territory is within range of Israeli artillery? So, according to numerous press accounts, many don’t bother leaving their homes despite the warnings, believing that it’s more dignified to die in their home than hiding in some shelter where it’s just as likely they might die anyway. “A book on Israeli military psychology should have an entire chapter devoted to this sadism, sanctimoniously disguising itself as mercy,” writes Ha’aretz journalist Amira Hass in an article posted, this morning.

Since the Israeli ground incursion into Gaza, the death rate seems to have gone up to nearly 100 Palestinians per day. According to the Palestinian Wafa and Ma’an news agencies, 73 died today as a result of Israeli air strikes, bringing the total since Operation Protective Edge began two weeks ago to 539. Another 3,245 people have been injured. One of the targets was the Shuhadaa al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir el-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip, reports Wafa, which was already overloaded with injuries from earlier attacks. Ma’an names several of families that have lost 8, 9 members and, in one case, even 26 members, as a result of Israeli bombing.

The fighting intensified, yesterday, when IDF troops moved into the Shujaiyeh neighborhood east of Gaza City. There, 13 Israeli soldiers died in intense fighting, all members of the Golani brigade, and another 7 were reported killed, today, including 4 who died when Palestinian gunmen penetrated the border fence and fire an anti-tank rocket. IDF casualties now stand at 25 since the ground invasion began.

In her article, Hass blasts those in Israel who claim that this genocidal war is an act of self defense, by citing some of the real history of how Israel has oppressed the Palestinians. “Those who turned Gaza into an internment and punishment camp for 1.8 million human beings should not be surprised that they tunnel underneath the Earth. Those who sow strangling, siege and isolation reap rocket fire. Those who have, for 47 years, indiscriminately crossed the Green Line, expropriating land and constantly harming civilians in raids, shootings and settlements what right do they have to roll their eyes and speak of Palestinian terror against civilians?” To prevent escalation: “Now is the time: Open up the Gaza Strip, let the people return to the world, the West Bank, and to their families and families in Israel. Let them breathe, and they will find out that life is more beautiful than death.”

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