Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt


Published on Apr 27, 2016
Jeremy Hunt should stop telling us how reckless and dangerous the Junior Doctors’ strikes are, because trained medical professionals clearly feel his policies are far more reckless and dangerous.

Young doctor, you have to go on strike
I said Young doctor,
If there’s something you don’t like
The British people want the doctors
To give this government a beating
Cos the Health Secretary refused to grant them
Even one meeting
I remember when I did a shit in an A&E last year
I looked up at the doctors and said
I hope my policy is clear
Keeping people fit isn’t really the idea
It’s called Privatisation
And I want that to happen here
There’s under-funding in my NHS
Doctors should be working less
Not more, but I ignore
the opposition to the contract imposition
Running down the NHS is
One of my successes
I’m not telling the truth about my NHS
Yes I seek to trick the public
But I’ll tell you if you didn’t know before
Nightmare Health Secretary
Is what NHS stand for

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