The ultimate goals of the hermaphrodite agenda are the reduction in population, removal of violence, class and gender in the accept to create the one-world earth being. Please remember that Luciferians see the hermaphrodite as the divine being which isn’t surprising when you know that Lucifer is a hermaphrodite offspring (Aphrodite) of another hermaphrodite (Selene) and of course this divine being is the grandchild of Kronos the Saturnalian God and controller of the base sexual chakra. What we have here is an attempt by Kabbalists to bring about man as a god-like being aided by technologies (modern magick). In other words the Adam & Eve of modern times or the Superman fighting against God’s built-in kryptonite meaning the creator’s very own encryption code to the matrix world we live within. The majority of the populace will no longer know or let alone care about sexual labels such as hetero or homosexual as most of the people will be what’s currently termed as bisexual with the rest being shared between what is currently known as same-sex and opposite-sex participants. The whole ideal of todays forms of sexuality will no longer exist in the slightest especially as the State starts to produce children in laboratories. Children will be designed and then bought up by the state using communes thus never knowing or understanding the concept of parents much in the way of esoteric witchcraft blood scions who also don’t bring up children in the ways of the exoteric world. The idea of a loving relationship will not exist as people will live singular lives and thus sexual needs become that of an animal instinct rather than that of love. To understand the free-love society then study the work of H.G. Wells. Laboratory children will be bought into force as human fertility is removed by the use of medical and chemical intervention such as the likes of the HPV vaccine or similar. Take a look at the predictive programming movies called ‘Gattaca’ and ‘Children of Men’ for a glimpse of some of the things to come in the near future. I would also recommend you read Bertrand Russell’s book ‘The Impact of science on Society’.

Mind Pollution: The Promotion of Sexual Perversion on National TV

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