Celeb Culture Ruining the Future Generation's Morals, Says God Man

Celeb Culture Ruining the Future Generation’s Morals, Says God Man

By Gary Cutlack on 13 Oct 2015 at 12:15PM

The world’s obsession with what shoes Kim Kardashian wore or the mildly different haircut of one of her even less interesting siblings is leading to a crisis in the youth’s honour values, according to our former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Now known as Lord Williams of Oystermouth, former Archbishop Rowan Williams thinks the rising tide of meaningless celebrity drivel is leading to less in the way of proper heroes for a generation to respect, with the “moral and imaginative ecology” that shapes us as people being eroded by such tiresomely tedious tittletattle about cars, boyfriends, dresses and suchlike.

Williams was writing in a book that addresses the modern state of the concept of nobility, where he postulated: “If we let it drift away, we shall find it easier and easier to accept for ourselves and (crucially) for others too a set of diminished expectations. And this means not only a more boring life, but one in which we become increasingly inured to cries of protest against inhumanity, unfairness and mean-mindedness.”

We should think about the substance behind it all, is what we think he means, as he adds: “We should worry just as much about the damage to our moral and imaginative ecology that is caused by our failure to think honestly about character and honour — nobility, if you like.”

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