Cellphone Transponders had a different primary use

Tom from the UK wrote about cell towers

I will summarize his mail due to the difficulty of the device I am working on. He said he checked the one near his house and it had the same large transformers I spoke of in the cell tower report. I will remind people~
If you can talk to a cell tower two miles away with only the tiny battery in your cell phone, there is absolutely no legitimate need for that tower to have a 50,000 watt capable transformer to talk back. You can look at the cell tower stats, and even those say the cell towers talk back with no more than 10 actual watts, (sometimes repeated in multiple directions to ensure clear coverage) but for every 10 watts there should be a separate paddle visible. I have never seen a cell tower with more than 20 different antennas on it, which means that even the beefiest ones should not need over 300 watts to run everything. If they are equipping these cell towers with 50,000 watts, the only rational reason for it would be that the job of cell tower is secondary, they are primarily something else.

What better way could there be to have an EM mind control system, or weather modification system in place, how could there be a better way to hide something clandestine than to hide it in plain sight, as something people have accepted as something else? The size of the transformers clearly proves cell towers are not what we have been told.

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