Censorship of medical truth reaches fever pitch as corrupt medical establishment attempts to silence growing number of films and books about cancer and vaccines

Censorship of medical truth reaches fever pitch as corrupt medical establishment attempts to silence growing number of films and books about cancer and vaccines

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) The censorship of medical truth has reached a fever pitch as books, films and documentaries are now being maliciously attacked and censored in a desperate ploy to prevent the public from learning the truth about cancer, vaccines, antidepressant drugs and more.

In this podcast, I explain why censorship of medical truth has reached a level of insanity and criminality that we’ve never seen before in modern society. The entire medical establishment — just like the political establishment — is totally rigged against the People. And censorship is just one of the weapons the medical establishment uses to prevent people from getting well by making sure they stay sick, diseased and “revenue generating” for Big Pharma.

In this podcast, I explain:

• How the Tribeca Film Festival has been infiltrated by the Nazi-linked Sloan Foundation, which pressured Robert De Niro to pull the VAXXED documentary.

• How the book called “A Mind of Your Own” was blackballed by the entire mainstream media because it tells the truth about the total fraud of SSRI drugs and antidepressants. Click here to download chapter one of Dr. Brogan’s book.

• The for-profit cancer industry is silencing the truth about cancer because its profits depend on an ever increasing population of people being diagnosed with cancer. Preventing cancer would cost them billions in lost profits! (The profit model of the cancer industry is based on repeat business…)

• How cancer doctors deliberately and falsely diagnose people with cancer even when they’re perfectly healthy… just so they can earn massive profits “treating” people with toxic chemotherapy.

• Criminals and con artists are now running the cancer centers across America… all the top pharmaceutical makers have been involved in felony crimes like bribery and price fixing… drug companies run medical experiments on children… fake drug studies… commit scientific fraud on a routine basis.

• The Truth About Cancer is also being viciously attacked by a terrified industry that hates the public having access to information on preventing, treating and even reversing cancer. Watch the interviews at this link.

• TTAC is the most “dangerous” collection of films and interviews that have ever been assembled to counter the propaganda of the cancer industry. The cancer establishment wants to criminalize freedom of speech about medicine in order to control the narrative.

• Why the medical establishment completely supports “book burning” to destroy all articles, books, films and podcasts that share the truth about cancer prevention and cancer cures.

• What exists as the health care establishment today is actually run on a system of science totalitarianism that silences dissenting views and seeks to monopolize all conversations about health, disease, treatments and more. This structure is inherently unethical, destructive and costly for society.

• Why medical censorship is a kind of “medical slavery” that keeps us all enslaved to a system that preys upon our minds and bodies to generate obscene profits for drug companies and cancer treatment centers.

• The medical establishment profits from spreading medical illiteracy and blocking people from learning the truths that make much of modern medicine irrelevant.

• You have the power to escape medical enslavement and discover your own medical freedom.

• The cancer establishment has lost control of the narrative because of projects like The Truth About Cancer.

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