Charlie Sheen does NOT have HIV… AIDS industry skeptic says it’s all fabricated based on flimsy, fraudulent science

Charlie Sheen does NOT have HIV… AIDS industry skeptic says it’s all fabricated based on flimsy, fraudulent science

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

While the popular media is blowing up over reports that claim Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and may have infected dozens (or even hundreds) of other people, one AIDS industry skeptic says that’s absurd. Sheen can’t “infect” someone else with HIV because HIV has never been isolated, systematically identified and reliably tested, he says.

The scientific tests are wildly unreliable and can be falsely triggered positive by blood proteins caused by pregnancy, allergies or even vaccines, says Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories. (See chapter 6 for details on the AIDS industry.)

“HIV tests are based on behavior profiling, not reproducible scientific analysis,” Scheff told me in a interview. His words echo the conclusion of the film House of Numbers in which HIV tests are shown to be routinely determined largely by behavioral factors rather than reliable scientific tests of viral specimens.

Sound impossible? Listen to my interview with Liam Scheff (below) and decide for yourself.

AIDS side effects caused by AIDS drugs
So what explains the disastrous immune system breakdowns experienced by those typically labeled HIV positive? It’s all caused by a chemical cocktail of antibiotics and AIDS treatment drugs consumed by those who routinely engage in unprotected gay sex with dozens or even hundreds of different partners, says Scheff.

The viral load of anal intercourse carried out with hundreds of sex partners is enormous, Scheff explains, and combined with the heavy doses of chemical pharmaceuticals consumed by many who pursue such lifestyles, it results in an “immune crisis” in the body.

AZT drugs, in particular, are highly toxic and can produce the very same disastrous health effects that are often labeled “symptoms” of HIV infections.

Is it possible the AIDS industry, much like the vaccine industry, isn’t telling us the real story about HIV and AIDS? Listen to these interviews and decide for yourself.

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  • theunhivedmind

    In the typical conspiracy alternative media I was one of the very first people to speak out about how HIV is a complete farce. The only other being in our realm who was doing the same was Jon Rappoport. For this exposure to the truth I was hated and laughed out by many over the years but gradually the truth sprouts wings and more people now are finding out what’s really going on. When people are pioneers with truth they’ll always get ridiculed but eventually the truth sets the ridiculer free. I have a similar situation today because I highlight Venice and Britain as being behind the grand conspiracy tied with Zionism and thus moving away from focusing my sole attention on just one side being the Jesuits. Over time people will see that I’m right on the razors edge with my conclusions. A mind that cannot fork off into multiple angles of thought is a mind that ends up in tunnel vision and thus reprogrammed into sleep mode. We need to remove the linear mind set and open up the non-linear thinking capacity. Highlighting the lies of the official HIV false-science is blasphemy to the establishment and the herd. The medical mafia and the Ziopress will now use this event with Sheen as a way in which to socially engineer the herd into accepting regular mandatory hiv testing (fake testing). Get ready for insurance stigmatizations, restriction in your sex life and poisonous Malthusian population reduction through drugging all because of a fake test based on fake science designed exactly to do what I’ve highlighted (Club of Rome).

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  • theunhivedmind

    LIAM SCHEFF – Charlie Sheen does NOT have HIV [FULL AUDIO MP3]

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