The Zika Files: DEET is part of a binary chemical weapon targeting your brain


Mini-documentary by a laboratory scientist exposes the truth about DEET and carbamate pesticides functioning as binary chemical weapons that destroy brain function

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  • uhm

    Ten years or so ago I warned people that the establishment would regularly use covert chemical warfare on the ground under the guise of infectious disease management. The idea is to use the guise of a false agent such as Zika in order to get acceptance from the legal authorities and the people to allow spraying of veiled chemical weapons disguised as safe by the likes of the FDA. The information presented by Mike Adams fits in perfectly with what I’ve been saying for such a long time.

    You need to move from areas that are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes and fleas. The Black International have always used these insects in the past to vector disease and illness including the plague of the 14th Century. Now you see firms like Oxitec in New Venice (Britain) starting to genetically engineering these insects. None of these types of projects are for the benefit of mankind and hardly ever will be and not until the global population level is dropped by two thirds or more and draconian population controls are in place (death by the age of thirty-six). When these scientists stumble on something of worth to mankind, this then gets squashed but the data is then used to engineer negatives which suit the population control agenda. So for example if they fine a bodily function which defends against cancer then they’ll try to make sure this function is switched off either via vaccination programmes, air quality (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering), drugs or the food supply.

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