Chicago Police Arrest 9-year-old, Leave Mother Searching for Missing Son

Chicago Police Arrest 9-year-old, Leave Mother Searching for Missing Son © Flickr/ Tony Webster

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A Detroit mother called the police, panicked that her 9-year-old son hadn’t returned home. However, it turns out he had been arrested and the police neglected to inform her.

Stephanie Horton’s 9-year-old son went off to play with friends and, when he didn’t return, Horton assumed the worst and reported him as missing. It wasn’t until the next day that police bothered to inform her that Kamian wasn’t missing — he was in police custody after being arrested for a home invasion.

Horton was further distressed to learn that her son had been arrested the day she reported him missing.
Officers said they did not have a way of contacting Horton, saying they didn’t know her number and that they had gone to her house but she was out at the time. However, that doesn’t explain why they didn’t inform her when she called.

“I said how could I not be notified until 24 hours later. No explanation, no information, no anything,” she told local media.

Turns out, the charges for the home invasion against the third-grader got dropped as well. However, Horton say she is still concerned about her son’s activities because of the company he keeps.

“There are some older guys who come and take him and he does what they tell him to do,” Horton said. “We have been having a problem with that, coinciding with an officer trying to keep them away from here, but to no avail.”

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