Child abuse protesters rally outside parliament

Child abuse protesters rally outside parliament

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Activists and campaigners against child abuse have rallied outside the Houses of Parliament to demand justice for child victims allegedly abused by members of the parliament and other powerful individuals.

The protest rally was organized by nearly 30 rights groups as part of efforts to push forward a justice campaign for the victims of the historic child abuse in the UK.

The demonstrators expressed solidarity with the victims of child abuse and questioned the UK police lack of action against the alleged criminals.

“These creatures inside parliament are systematically raping, torturing and murdering children and they’re not even being arrested. Even though dossiers are being handed over saying here are the names, here’s the evidence so far, go and arrest them. But they don’t get arrested, yet a member of the public is arrested immediately to allow for a prompt and effective investigation. Well I don’t see anything prompt about what’s happening here. That dossier has been in the hands of parliament and the police since before Christmas and yet not one single arrest of twenty four, twenty four suspected MPS. There’s something very very wrong with that,” said one of the protesters.
British Prime Minister David Cameron, amid growing public pressure, has agreed to open his Conservative party central office for an investigation.

Scotland Yard is investigating a document which contains names of 22 high profile figures, including three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords, who have been allegedly involved the suspected Westminster pedophile ring during the 1970s and 1980s.

Labour MP John Mann first reported evidence to the police about a Tory cabinet minister being involved in child sex abuse in 1989.

The inquiry, however, was discarded three month later on “orders of those at the top.”

Mann has contended that there could be many more names added to the pedophile list.

A London-Based human rights activist believes that tackling the terrible crimes which have been conducted in a systematic way, is a very “difficult task.”

“We are not talking about people in the working class, people who also commit these types of crimes, we are talking about very high-placed figures working together in groups in a systematic manner for years, abusing children and even it has been alleged that they have killed some children for their own pleasures and ends.”
It is yet to be seen how the government will treat the crisis, Head of Islamic Human Rights Center says, raising the possibility of another cover-up.

“Are they really going to tackle this problem? There are allegations that there are people involved in the police force, in the legal system, and at top levels of every institution. Are they really going to tackle this or cover it up again?”, Arzu Merali asks.

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