Childhood paralysis spike caused by polio vaccine

Childhood paralysis spike caused by polio vaccine

Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media reported that, statistically speaking, polio has been eradicated in India. But, statistics don’t always tell the whole story. Dykes noted that “non-polio acute flaccid paralysis” (NPAFP) was on the rise. These are the instances of crippling that should have gone along with the poliovirus in its eradication.

So where are these cases of paralysis coming from? Dykes states the cause of the new cases of paralysis is the oral polio vaccine, and that new cases are popping up in other countries. In 2014, two cases were reported and confirmed in South Sudan, but there may be more in the future. Despite paralysis being directly related to the vaccine, these vaccines are still being distributed (per World Health Organization regulations.) Dykes says, “They know this vaccine will – statistically, anyway – harm some children and could potentially spawn outbreaks, but they use it anyway, supposedly because less developed regions are not equipped to handle refrigerated vaccines that don’t contain the live virus.”

One question now is whether or not Bill Gates, one of the largest proponents in the spread of these vaccines in his quest to eliminate polio, knew about the dangers of the vaccine.


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