China and Russia Lead Growth; Obama and Wall Street Lead Death-Spiral

China and Russia Lead Growth; Obama and Wall Street Lead Death-Spiral

As Obama continues to improve his kill rates—from Flint, to Puerto Rico, to the overall national demographic death rates—it’s important to keep in mind “how the other half lives,” i.e., that half of humanity that is not enslaved to the British Empire, and is instead progressing under China-led BRICS economic policies. While the financial press ridiculously points to China as the “epicenter” of the ongoing international financial meltdown (supposedly because its GDP growth for 2015 was “only” 6.9%, a 25-year low), the reality is that it is the epicenter of growth.

China’s ambassador to Russia, Li Hui, granted an interview to Sputnik in which he emphasized that China-Russia cooperation is at the center of these economic policies.

“Now, many countries are showing an active interest in the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative, multiple agreements and memorandums on bilateral and multilateral levels have been signed. Russia, as the largest neighbor and a strategic partner of China, is an important participant in the construction of the Silk Road, which has significant advantages,” Li said. He gave some specific examples: “Construction works have already begun in China to build the eastern string of the pipeline that has been dubbed the deal of the century by the media,” Li said.

He also mentioned the high-speed rail line between Moscow and Kazan, which “has entered the stage of practical realization.” And overall there is “stepped up cooperation in building wide-body planes,” as well as on nuclear energy, electricity, chemical industry and production of natural resources, Sputnik reported Li saying.

Li noted that there had been a significant, 29% decline in bilateral Russia-China trade in 2015, mainly due to collapsing oil prices, but he added:

“I believe the decline in bilateral trade is temporary, as China and Russia possess large economies and a high degree of complementarity in their industries, as well as large markets, and, most importantly, a strong desire for bilateral cooperation supplemented by a well-tuned cooperation mechanism.”

He said venues of cooperation include the AIIB, the BRICS New Development Bank, the Silk Road infrastructure fund, etc. China is Russia’s leading economic partner, with $95 billion in trade in 2014. President Putin in June said that the two countries were planning to boost bilateral trade to $200 billion “in the next few years,” Sputnik reported.

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