China Intercepts Japanese Planes Intruding On Joint Exercise

China Intercepts Japanese Planes Intruding On Joint Exercise

May 26, 2014 • 9:17AM

On the last day of joint Russian-Chinese naval exercises, Chinese SU-27 twice intervened to deter Japanese reconnaissance planes that had “intruded on the exercise’s airspace without permission and carried out dangerous actions, in a serious violation of international laws and standards, which could have easily caused a misunderstanding and even led to a mid-air accident,” according to a Chinese Defense Ministry statement.

No shots or missiles were fired in either encounter, but the degree of tension in this region underscores the global nature of the conflicts being pushed by those on the British Empire’s war line.

The incidents occurred in an area where the Chinese Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) overlaps the Japanese ADIZ.

China proposed urgent talks, according to Reuters, and demanded that Japan “respect the lawful rights of China’s and Russia’s navies … and stop all reconnaissance and interference activities. Otherwise Japan will bear any and all consequences from this.”

The Japanese Defense Ministry issued a statement that, while agreeing on the substantive aspects of the encounters, placed all the blame on China. The Japanese statement ignored the ongoing Russian-Chinese naval exercise.

Japan’s defense ministry said Chinese SU-27 fighters came as close as 50 meters (170 feet) to a Japanese OP-3C surveillance plane near disputed islets on Saturday and within 30 meters of a YS-11EB electronic intelligence aircraft.

Each country has issued diplomatic protests over the incidents.

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