China launches own aircraft engine-maker to rival the West

China launches own aircraft engine-maker to rival the West

29 August 2016

China has launched its first aircraft-engine manufacturer in an attempt to wean itself off Western suppliers.
The state-owned Aero-Engine Group of China was created by combining a group of existing aircraft-engine companies, according to local media reports.

It has about 50bn yuan ($7.5bn) in registered capital and will develop both military and commercial engines.
China already makes its own planes, but has struggled for decades to develop engines that meet global requirements.
‘Strategic move’

China currently buys its commercial aircraft engines from General Electric and United Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney. China’s military jets uses Russian-made engines.

President Xi Jinping called the new creation of the new company a “strategic move” aimed at developing China’s reputation as a global aviation power, Xinhua news agency said.

The Chinese government, as well as the Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) and Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (Comac) are investors in the new firm.

AVIC makes military jets and helicopters while Comac produces China’s biggest domestically-produced passenger plane, the C919.

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    China is doing every right when it comes to making sure it can move away from dependence on aggressive foreign Zionist debt corporations wrongly labelled as nation states. I’ve been pushing for both Russia and China to do exactly this and remove themselves from both Airbus and Boeing. Both those airline manufacturers purposely make their aircraft capable of being weaponry drones at the flick of a switch using the Honeywell Uninterrupted Autopilot systems since the 1990s. Please don’t be fooled that such systems were developed after the 9/11 attacks because I can assure you that they’ve been installed on aircraft many years before that New Venice staged false-flag event. If you don’t believe me then ask Deutsche Lufthansa AG! There have been a few cases of this droning being used by the New Venice Empire such as the Zeusian attempted attack on the Promethean project of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor using the droned Germanwings flight 4U9525.

    China needs to make sure it uses its own electronic engine management systems in order to prevent unwanted access via the current back-doors that are present in the western FADEC systems. I can absolute 100% tell you that the build quality of these Western electronic engine management systems in absolutely terrible. Do you remember that aircraft that ran off the runway and into a golf course? Well after the incident the aircraft’s engine management system was sent for inspection at the factory where it was built in Britain. This factory ended up finding that a whole host of solder joints hadn’t even been soldered and instead were relying simply on the through-hole PCB. The factory in question covered this up from the investigation monitors and soldered the joints before anyone could find out. I can also assure you the same factory has very poor quality workmanship as well as fraudulent actions going on.

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