Christian thrown in mental institute to be brainwashed away from Christ

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Children Shall Rise Up Against Their Parents, And the Father Their Child

And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. (Mat 10:21-22)

This is the true story of a Christian woman named Laura who lives in Michigan. Her YouTube channel was called “Grace Explosion.” On May 29, 2012 around 5:15 pm the police came and picked up Laura and involuntarily took her to a mental hospital in the town where she lives. Laura’s family had her involuntarily committed by trumping up an outlandish tale that she had made a suicide pact with her friend Sean. Laura and Sean were in the final stage of planning a road trip where they were gong to be visiting various cities and doing spiritual warfare and end up in Philadelphia on July 4th. Laura thought that possibly a great spiritual event was about to happen.

I came to know about this through a friend who sent me a video of Sean having a phone conversation with Laura while she is being held against her will at the mental hospital. I did not understand what was going on so I just ignored it. But the Holy Spirit kept bringing it to my mind so I felt led to investigate further. I was finally led to have a phone conversation with Sean where I was able to get the facts that he had. The more I looked into this; I was just in disbelief and completely shocked by what was happening to Laura. She told Sean in one of their phone calls that the Doctor treating her said she cannot be released from the hospital until she takes a drug called Risperidone and renounces Jesus Christ!

Evidently the “treatment” her Doctor wants to administer to her is called DSM-IV Religious and Spiritual Problems. More about this wicked treatment can be found at this link:

Evidently this treatment is widely used by the mental health community to treat people who they deem to have “Spiritual Problems.” A list of what they consider to be “problems” is on the Spiritual Competency website and includes; Mystical Experience, Near Death Experience, Visionary Experience and Alien Encounter Experiences (we know what that really is!) But in the case of Laura, her beliefs and claims were obviously just too extreme for her family to cope with. So I guess they figured they could just have her “Spiritual Problem” illuminated by having her involuntarily committed and forced to take drugs!

Sean had published the name of the Hospital and the Doctor treating her on his YouTube video, and because he did that the Doctor got angry and cut off Laura from any out side communication. She is not allowed to have any phone calls, emails or any contact at all except with her court appointed attorney. She has a hearing on Thursday June 21st to determine if she is competent or has to be forced to take the treatment. God willing, Sean will be there to tell his side of the story and has the evidence to show that there was absolutely NO suicide pact.

Laura’s family has falsely accused Sean, who they don’t even know, of being a rapist along with all sorts of other accusations in order to intimidate him in hopes he will just fade away. Because Sean was able to get through and speak to the doctor, the doctor called the police and the police department called Sean and told him that he cannot even set foot into the town or he will be arrested.

Christians Did This to Their Own Family Member?

Evidently, from what I was told by Sean, Laura’s family claims to be Christians. What kind of a “Christian” has their family member involuntarily committed to a mental hospital??!!!

It appears as if they waited for the right opportunity to twist the truth and have their own mother and daughter committed! According to this landmark court decision they must have known they could not pull this off unless they could show she was a danger to herself:

Restrictions on involuntary commitment
O’Connor v. Donaldson, 422 U.S. 563 (1975) States could not involuntarily commit citizens to a psychiatric institution if they were not a danger to themselves or others and were capable of living by themselves, or with the aid of responsible family or friends.

From what Sean told me, Laura has always been very open with her family about the experiences she claims to have had since she was a child. Those experiences and what Laura claims to have been told by God were obviously just too much for her family to take. I do not know Laura and I have not watched her videos and I am not going to go into that aspect because I feel that it is completely irrelevant to what they are doing to her; depriving Laura of her civil rights, forcing her to take a powerful and dangerous drug and worst of all to renounce Jesus Christ! What kind of a Christian would even consider that to be an option??!!

Her son even hacked into her Skype account, and closed down her website and YouTube account. And then to allow her to be treated by an anti-christ system that thinks a Christian is crazy and has a “Spiritual Problem” because we believe Jesus Christ lives in us! (John 14:20)

The True Message for Gods People in This Event

As the Holy Spirit has been leading me to pray about this and pray for Laura and Sean, I feel that this event is for true Christians to pay close attention to as I see many messages in this from the Lord.

First of all, the fact that it is “so called” Christians doing this to another Christian is very telling. Remember that it was the religious people of Jesus’ time (Pharisees, Sadducees) who completely missed that the Messiah had come and they ended up persecuting the true church.

In Rev 2:9 Jesus revealed through John that the ones who are the synagogue of satan, meaning they are a temple/body housing satan, but claim to be real Jews (those with circumcised heart -Rom 2:29), were ruthlessly persecuting the true church. This is what has started to happen now and I believe will intensify greatly in the United States! Remember that in Rev 13:8 the beast causes all whose names are not written in the book of life to worship him!

I believe what has happened to Laura is a lesson for all of us true Christians to pay attention, be watchful and led of the Holy Spirit, and stay in prayer and intercession for each other!

The Holy Spirit has also given me the scriptures in Luke 10:30-37 where the Samaritan helped the man that had been robbed and beaten, while a religious priest and Levite passed by and offered no help. The Samaritans were considered to be unclean, unholy and unlearned in the things of God by the Jews. I would read and mediate on those scriptures.

The other thing that is quite startling is that all attempts to get help for Laura have failed. Sean and many others have tried to contact the media to have this reported on. Requests were made for legal representation from Jay Sekulow of the American Centerfor Law and Justice. This is the partial reply from the ACLJ – ACLJ is unable to represent individuals or organizations in legal actions involving other areas of law, such as personal injury, corporate, family law, and other civil or criminal matters; these issues are outside our area of practice.

Brethren, our God is ABLE!! He tells us repeatedly to trust Him and that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. His promises are sure! But we are also warned that we will suffer tribulation. In fact it is by much tribulation that we enter into the kingdom of God. (Acts 14:22) I believe that our mighty God is going to do something amazing in this and Laura will have an amazing testimony! For we are also told that it is by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony and that we overcome satan!

Please Pray!!

Saints of God please pray for Laura to be released! Please pray that the Lord will protect Laura from receiving that horrible drug! Please pray that Sean will be able to get into her court hearing on Thursday, June 21st and present the evidence of the truth with the power of the Holy Spirit guiding him! Please pray for changed hearts in the Doctor treating her, Laura’s family and every person who has been involved in this event. Please pray that the Lord’s will is done in this whole matter.

In Christ, Sarah

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