Christians try to stop Satanic Lady Gaga concert in the Philippines

Christian youths in the Philippines try to stop Lady Gaga concert

Gaga makes a point: the singer leaves Narita International Airport in Japan on her way to Taiwan

18 May 2012

Christian youths in the Philippines chanted “Stop the Lady Gaga concerts” at a rally calling for the singer’s shows in Manila next week to be cancelled.

Members of a group called Biblemode Youth Philippines said today that they are offended by Lady Gaga’s music and videos. Protest leader Ben Abante says the group will use the courts to accuse Lady Gaga and concert organisers of offending religion if she sings her song Judas.

Gaga, 26, has already been forced to cancel a concert in Indonesia after protests by conservative Muslims.

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  • Eisenhorn

    First of all its good to see the Christian youth taking a stand for purity and righteousness like the Christians of old.

    Secondly Lady Gaga is a walking talking Baphomet. She used to be a nobody dancing on tables in New York and if you was close enough you would’ve seen her penis… Yes because she really is a hermaphrodite. I know someone who was unfortunate enough to have a front row view and he also informed me that she kept company with Satanists namely her DJ at the time. You can always be sure when these female stars go from rags to riches overnight they have been groomed for an agenda.

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