Church of England consecrates first female bishop

Church of England consecrates first female bishop

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The Church of England has consecrated the first ever female bishop, putting an end to the male monopoly in the church leadership.

The consecration of 48-year-old reverend Libby Lane as the eighth Bishop of Stockport came in a Monday ceremony at York Minister with over 1,000 in attendance.

“In a few years’ time when more and more women will be bishops, I predict we shall be wondering how we ever managed without them,” the Yorkshire Post quoted Archbishop of York John Sentamu, who led the service, which was briefly interrupted by an opponent of the changes.

during the ceremony, Reverend Paul Williamson stepped forward screaming “not in the Bible” after Sentamu asked the church if Lane should be ordained as a bishop.

In November 2014, the church ended a long and divisive dispute by voting to allow women to serve as bishops.

The controversial measure has led to a number of protest efforts as the 80-million-strong global Anglican Communion has long been divided over the role of female priests in the church leadership.

Lane was ordained in 1994 and among the very first women to become a Church of England priest.

The national assembly of the church voted for the measure in July 2014 after a previous attempt to win ordination for women had failed.

Lane had earlier described her consecration as a very “emotional” moment, adding, “It is a remarkable thing that this happens to me, and people have been very supportive of me personally, but actually this is about a moment in the Church’s history.”

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