Climate conference

Climate conference

Jim Stone
Nov 2015

After murdering a few people to justify a security crackdown that was needed to keep what I believe are the world’s worst criminals safe at the Paris climate conference, I am afraid the NWO crowd just might get their carbon tax in place. And now I’d like to point something out:

What they are saying now is that the temperature has hit a critical threshold to release a huge amount of methane into the atmosphere, methane that is at the bottom of the ocean, trapped in ice near the poles. Their theory is that this will trigger runaway global warming, and that it is now too late to stop. But there is a huge problem with this lie also, and this problem is the fact that more than any other gas, BY FAR MORE THAN ANY OTHER, water vapor is the champion of heat retention and the greenhouse effect.

FACT: By volume and percent, water vapor is over 1000 times the greenhouse gas that carbon dioxide is, and it is approximately 10X the greenhouse gas that methane is, WHEN AT THE SAME VOLUME AND PERCENT, both of which put water vapor thousands of times above either CO2 or methane. This means that in real world terms, water vapor in the atmosphere has thousands of times the impact of methane and millions of times the impact of CO2. If you deleted all CO2 and methane from the atmosphere the water vapor would prevent you from measuring a difference in heat retention. This alone lays bare the hoax of man made global warming.

If you want proof of this, just go out in the dry desert at night and take a nap under the stars. Because there is a very reduced amount of water vapor in a desert, you will freeze your butt off quick, the desert gets extremely cold at night because all the heat just radiates out into space. If there is one thing that lays the climate change scam bare, it is water vapor. Water vapor can be present in the form of a percentage of weight and volume in the atmosphere that methane or CO2 would kill everyone with MANY TIMES OVER, and it is the champion of the greenhouse effect. The influence of water vapor so vastly outweighs that of CO2 and methane that it renders both totally irrelevant.

But when money is there to be extorted via a carbon tax, any old lie will do.

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