Clintons have long history of selling US to Saudi agenda: Analyst

Clintons have long history of selling US to Saudi agenda: Analyst

Wed Nov 2, 2016 10:59AM

An analyst says Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill Clinton, have become rich and influential in US politics through “selling the influence of the American government” to Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, made the remarks on Wednesday when asked about a new release by the FBI of documents concerning former President Bill Clinton.

The bureau released 129 pages of documents related to a controversial pardon Bill Clinton granted fugitive trader Marc Rich on his last day in office almost 16 years ago. Rich was a financier who fled to Switzerland after being indicted on multiple federal charges, including tax evasion, wire fraud and racketeering in 1983.

The revelation is “an indication that the FBI and the congressional committees, which have been analyzing Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for the last few years, is coming to a climax since the FBI and the law enforcement and the Congress are specifically looking into Hillary Clinton’s Swiss bank account connection and connection to the Swiss government, and Marc Rich is one of the characters that has popped up in the history of the Clintons as a money-laundering pay-to-play partner,” Bennett told Press TV.

“This is part of the wider pattern that the Clintons, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, have become fabulously wealthy by prostituting and selling the influence of the American government to the highest bidder, in this case many of the Saudi Arabian, Moroccan, Kuwaiti, Qatar, (Persian) Gulf nation royal families and governments,” he added.

“Marc Rich is a very interesting figure because he donated large sums of money through Union Bank of Switzerland and other money-laundering instruments to the Clinton Foundation, specifically to Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign,” the analyst explained.

The Clintons have a decades-long history of corruption, Bennett said, and “Congress has had this material since 2012 and it is beginning to move on it now because of the WikiLeaks revelations and the increasing public outcry for investigation into fraud and corruption.”

“The indication is that the FBI and the Department of Justice are being forced by Congress to examine Hillary Clinton’s role in dealings with Switzerland, Swiss banks, and Marc Rich,” the analyst added.

While secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, Bennett said, Clinton was involved in “a dual role in accepting money to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for her favors as well as Bill Clinton’s favors” for countries that are “vested in the Saudi Arabian-Wahhabi crusade to destabilize the Middle East.”

The release of the documents dealt another blow to the Clinton campaign just one week from Election Day, further angering Democrats already outraged by the FBI’s new probe into hundreds of thousands of uncovered emails linked to the former first lady.

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