Colloidal silver given freely BLOCKED from Ebola zone

Colloidal silver given freely BLOCKED from Ebola zone

I had to think twice about posting this, because I do not promote any American variant of colloidal silver which I view as being very over priced. However, this is really worth mentioning – The makers of a product called Nano Silver attempted THREE TIMES, not just once, THREE TIMES to send 200 bottles of their product to the Ebola zone at a cost of thousands of dollars to them (across all attempts) and the shipment got blocked in France all 3 times. It had no destination in France, but France was the gateway and they said NO. RIDICULOUS!

Now, I would like to ask the scamming WHO Why are you trying to stop freely given charity colloidal silver from making it to the Ebola zone? It is not like Nano Silver asked to be paid for their product. It cost NO ONE ANYTHING, why was it blocked? GOOD QUESTION.

The product was at least sent at a concentration of 100 PPM (this is what Nano Silver told me), which would need to be diluted to be used efficiently. 100 PPM is still to a degree concentrated. So it was decent stuff and I beg to question WHY it was blocked.

Though I still maintain that colloidal silver is not (likely) to be directly effective against the Ebola virus, IT WOULD STILL BE AN EFFECTIVE WEAPON AGAINST DEATH FROM EBOLA because it is a totally non irritating, hypo allergenic, highly effective universal antibiotic that can be given to anyone to prevent secondary infections which Ebola will definitely cause. Additionally, Colloidal silver has such a broad therapeutic window that absolutely ANYONE can administer it effectively and safely.

The problem is that colloidal silver is not something the medical community can profit from, it is too effective at too low a price and too accessible and easy to make, and if it becomes widely accepted (as it should be) large corporations will take a serious hit to their bottom line because individual people will be able to solve many of their own problems and will not have to pay scam prices for “medical care” that is in fact dirt simple to accomplish on your own. All it takes is an old silver dime or even an old piece of sterling silver jewelry, two wires and a battery. TOO SIMPLE TO BE ALLOWED in a control freak system.

Colloidal silver is, in a word, a profit destroyer for a filthy rotten greedy medical scam fronted by the likes of Glaxo Smith Kline, Merck and other large medical outfits that have huge political pull, and THAT is why it got blocked from the Ebola zone. True, not much money is likely to be made in Africa, but if Ebola is real and it hits Europe and America hard, the scamming medical community will cash in BIG TIME if they have their way with it. In their book, colloidal silver HAS TO BE STOPPED, and who gives a damn who dies.

Here is a video of colloidal silver killing a bacteria which is perfectly accurate. Colloidal silver in fact starves bacteria for oxygen. That is its mode of action, not what other people are claiming.

I never thought I could feel sorry for a pathogen until I Saw this video. A MUST WATCH. AWESOME!


October 8 2014