CON JOB – Arctic ozone loss at record level

By Richard Black
2 October 2011 Last updated at 18:05

Ozone loss over the Arctic this year was so severe that for the first time it could be called an “ozone hole” like the Antarctic one, scientists report.

About 20km (13 miles) above the ground, 80% of the ozone was lost, they say.

The cause was an unusually long spell of cold weather at altitude. In cold conditions, the chlorine chemicals that destroy ozone are at their most active.

It is currently impossible to predict if such losses will occur again, the team writes in the journal Nature.

Early data on the scale of Arctic ozone destruction were released in April, but the Nature paper is the first that has fully analysed the data.

“Winter in the Arctic stratosphere is highly variable – some are warm, some are cold,” said Michelle Santee from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

“But over the last few decades, the winters that are cold have been getting colder.
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Why [all this] occurred will take years of detailed study”
Michelle Santee

“So given that trend and the high variability, we’d anticipate that we’ll have other cold ones, and if that happens while chlorine levels are high, we’d anticipate that we’d have severe ozone loss.”

Ozone-destroying chemicals originate in substances such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that came into use late last century in appliances including refrigerators and fire extinguishers.

Their destructive effects were first documented in the Antarctic, which now sees severe ozone depletion in each of its winters.

Their use was progressively restricted and then eliminated by the 1987 Montreal Protocol and its successors.

The ozone layer blocks ultraviolet-B rays from the Sun, which can cause skin cancer and other medical conditions.
Longer, not colder

Winter temperatures in the Arctic stratosphere do not generally fall as low as at the southern end of the world.

Ozone destruction takes place within polar stratospheric clouds, with chlorine the main culprit

No records for low temperature were set this year, but the air remained at its coldest for an unusually long period of time, and covered an unusually large area.

In addition, the polar vortex was stronger than usual. Here, winds circulate around the edge of the Arctic region, somewhat isolating it from the main world weather systems.

“Why [all this] occurred will take years of detailed study,” said Dr Santee.

“It was continuously cold from December through April, and that has never happened before in the Arctic in the instrumental record.”

The size and position of the ozone hole changed over time, as the vortex moved northwards or southwards over different regions.

Some monitoring stations in northern Europe and Russia recorded enhanced levels of ultraviolet-B penetration, though it is not clear that this posed any risk to human health.

While the Arctic was setting records, the Antarctic ozone hole is relatively stable from year to year.

This year has seen ozone-depleting conditions extending a little later into the southern hemisphere spring than usual – again, as a result of unusual weather conditions.

Chlorine compounds persist for decades in the upper atmosphere, meaning that it will probably be mid-century before the ozone layer is restored to its pre-industrial health.

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  • Please remember that you only get a hole at the poles and no where else. Why is this? Simply because of the lack of plant life and thus oxygen levels. When theres no oxygenation going on from nature at the Earth’s level then its impossible to produce Ozone. Why? Well plants give off Oxygen after we feed them the wonderful carbon dioxide aka CO2. This Oxygen rises into the air where it hits the Stratosphere and from here the Sun’s powerful Ultra Violet rays. This then creats three parts Oxygen aka Ozone gas. Its no different than the old photocopier bulbs giving off U.V and hitting the oxygen thus producing the Ozone smell many complained gave them headaches (through having too much internal filth and localised constipations in their body through Spleen damage). So now you understand why you have always had holes in the Ozone area of the stratosphere for the last 6000 of this Earth’s creation.

    There is no Ozone layer, it is not a permanent one inch, one meter or one mile thick layer. Its all dependent on the level of oxygenation from down below from Earth itself. If we continue to destroy the trees and tarmac everywhere then eventually you may see some drops above us, but it has to be extreme to do this and in reality will never happen. So now you understand why New York City, London and Tokyo do not have massive holes above them even with the large scale pollutants. The Worshipful Company of Fuellers had to claim some propaganda claptrap to try to lull the sheople back to sleep. So they claimed well the CFC pollutants travel thousands of miles on the winds to the poles then damage the Ozone layer making holes.

    Its nonsense to help lure you into the green cult environmental paganism of today pushed by Al Gore and Prince Charles. Remember Prince Charles adviser is Jonathon Porritt MP of the Optimum Population Trust based in Manchester, England, he’s also tied to the Livery of the Crown Maltese’s, New Jerusalem aka City of London. Porritt wants Global depopulation and called for a fifty percent population reduction of the United Kingdom. This is what all this green cult is all about, its U.N Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development aka Comprehensive Planning aka Smart Growth, all tied in with the Club of Rome’s depopulation plan to destroy 65-85% of the population by 2050 based on the Global 2000 Report. Those left especially if that figure isn’t reached will have a severely lacking lifestyle compared to recent times as we’re now seeing with the initiation of the Global Economic Depression aided originally by Barney Frank from Boston and Jesuit trained William Jefferson Clinton who’s controlled by DVD operative and Crown Agent, Hillary Clinton. Basically they’ve not been meeting their targets as well as they’d hoped.

    Don’t worry the new phase with getting rid of meat and saturated fats will be a great aid to them as the fertility of the peoples drop like a lead weight especially if Soy is added to the diet. What you may also find interesting is that apparently Ozone ingestion/insufflation/injection is the only possible way of destroying and removing freon from the human body. Now they try to claim Freon is a CFC so why would Ozone destroy Freon if its supposed to be the other way as claimed by the propaganda artists?

    -The Unhived Mind

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