Jim Stone
October 22 2016


It has been confirmed today that the NSA was the one feeding Wikileaks, NOT RUSSIA. So that has Hillary eating CROW with the Russian B.S.! The reason? Because Hillary is hated by the intelligence agencies so much that the NSA could not take it and popped. They don’t want her. And that says a LOT. They were the ones who wrote and implemented the phishing software that nailed everyone.

The mainstream alt media is now calling Assange dead because of misspelled tweets, (Assange was always careful and professional,) tweets in the name of Wikileaks that claimed responsibility for the DDOS attacks yesterday (Assange never did anything like that,) Mischaracterization of people in the tweets, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: THE NOW CONFIRMED DEATH OF McFayden, who was the director of Wikileaks. DEATH BY POISONING, CONFIRMED. JUST LIKE I HAVE SAID REPEATEDLY THEY GOT ASSANGE.

I don’t spew B.S. and am not always happy to be right. REMEMBER: Voice mimicking software is a refined art and has been since the mid 90s. Even face mimicking software is now a perfected art. You can’t trust anything anymore. You have to observe other things to know the truth. If the director of Wikileaks was in perfect health and suddenly got sick and died in a SINGLE DAY he was poisoned, NO IFS OR BUTS JUST LIKE THEY NAILED ASSANGE. That’s how the Bolsheviks roll, and Jews are the grand masters of poisoning. They were not even careful about it this time.
Though I am still no fan of the NSA, I gotta give them KUDOS for the DNC leaks and other leaks.

Because they are poisoning alt media, I have specific instructions in how to avoid it.


The VERY BEST way to get killed is to drive the same road at the same time and go to the same store at the same time and get the same coffee/pop/donut/apple/whatever and then walk the same trail and the same stairway on your way to the same place every single day. They will latch onto that behavior in less than a week flat and you’ll be dead. They will know what donut you will grab, what stairway you will walk, and then plan perfectly to take you out at the perfect time, location, or the perfect donut they KNOW you will buy, because if you never randomize chances are they can calculate which one you will actually get.

Want to know another great way to die? Keep frequenting the same fast food restaurant. All they will do is have an undercover Mossad agent or other agent hire on there (chances are a super busy McDonalds franchise already has someone somewhere in it they can transfer and use because the method is so common) and if they do not, they’ll get in within 3 days flat even if there is no hiring. And you will get a very special Big Mac. Your last Big Mac. Restaurants are an absolute FAVORITE method of killing people. And you will die from something the restaurant does not normally serve, so there won’t be a proper investigation.

The bottom line: Have several routes home. I have 5. Rotate them, so they can’t predict with precision where you will be. NEVER EVER EVER set up a pattern of buying the same food item ANYWHERE. Always rotate where you buy, and what you buy. Additionally, rotating fast food restaurants won’t cut it, if they know you eat at X location with X frequency you will be dead in X days. They absolutely will have someone temporarily camp out at a place you occasionally eat because if it only takes a week or two to get you, that’s worth it.

ADDITIONALLY: you had better make sure your home is secure or the coffee will get you. Or the sugar. Or whatever. Having everything actually latch (like a dead bolt) and latching locks on the windows is a MUST. They won’t break a latch like a thief will because they want everything concealed. Make sure your home is set up in a way where any entry is a BREAK and enter, not credit card in the door latch access.

While traveling, even for short distances (to work, etc) take the battery out of the cell phone also. Now is the time to do it, the time between now and the election is obviously going to be hairy for everyone in the alt media.

Wikileaks was NOT a psy op.

I had my doubts about Wikileaks all the way up to the Assange arrest and dead man switch. But if you look through what is in his dead man switch, it becomes obvious: It never was a psy op, and he really was a hacker holding onto his protection. There is no conceivable way any government would ever publish what is in that dead man switch as a psy op. Some of that stuff is BAD. For example, the FBI contract with Motorola corporation for making their cell phones hackable is in there, and it’s a huge contract which includes the agreed upon hardware and software configurations, accommodations, and back doors for the FBI. That one is clearly marked classified all the way through it. There is tons and tons of other stuff on other topics, that’s just an example. And the longer the alt media sits idle ignoring this, the bigger the chance will be that the dead man switch will be spoiled before enough people see it. The dead man switch root file is now being served from this web site, in the next Wikileaks item under October 21.

This dead man switch has been out there for days now, and linked on this web site for DAYS. And most of the alt media has not picked it up yet. They are just sitting there believing the lies in the MSM about what is going on, and still using only the “official” wikileaks outlet which has probably been usurped.

I knew Assange was gone within hours after Pamela Anderson visited him, because I knew that was a setup and stayed up watching everything until he was arrested after being poisoned. It happened between 1AM and 2AM cst the morning after when no one was watching. If he really does show up now and it is not a fake, I’ll be eating crow until I poop feathers. I know that. And don’t think I will be.

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