Cracks Emerge: Hillary Cancels Joint Campaign Events With Bernie After Leaked Recording

Cracks Emerge: Hillary Cancels Joint Campaign Events With Bernie After Leaked Recording

by Tyler Durden
Oct 3, 2016

After Friday’s latest leak, in which a recording of Hillary Clinton during a February fundraiser revealed disparaging commentary aimed at Millennials in general and Bernie Sanders supporters in particular in which Hillary said that Sanders supporters are harboring “false promises” and “are living in their parents’ basement” because “they don’t see much of a future” (supposedly after eight years under the Obama administration), Hillary tried to patch up the PR snafu, aware that she urgently needs the youth vote on her side.

A statement by her campaign said that, “as Hillary Clinton said in those remarks, she wants young people to be idealistic and set big goals. She is fighting for exactly what millennial generation cares most about — a fairer more equal, just world. She’s working to create new pathways to jobs and career opportunities, to build more inclusivity and community, and to ensure everyone gets a fair shot,” the statement read adding that “She’s inspired by the optimism and the drive of this generation and Sanders supporters across the country — and they’ve helped her craft and promote the most progressive platform in Democratic party history.”

Sanders, who ran for president as a member of the Democratic Party, responded that while it “of course” bothered him that Clinton said he sold a “false promise” to his supporters, he did not appear to be greatly bothered by Hillary’s classification of his voters: “Well, I agree with her, what she is saying,” he said on CNN’s State of the Union. “There are young people who went deeply into debt, worked very hard to get a good education, and yet get out of school and can’t get decent jobs … and are living in their parents’ basements. There is a point there.”

Obama’s fault?  In any case, cracks appeared below the surface after it emerged that Clinton and Sanders are taking a break from joint events and are having a campaign-trail split after the leaked recording, which appears to have done more damage than let on.

As The Hill reported on Sunday night, the Clinton campaign announced that it had canceled tentatively planned events with Bernie Sanders for Monday.  Instead, Sanders will now be on the campaign trail on Wednesday in Iowa and Wisconsin: “Wednesday’s Des Moines stop was added to make up for appearances tentatively scheduled in Iowa on Monday, October 3,” the campaign said in a release. 

Sanders will be in Des Moines, Iowa, in the morning, and will host rallies in Madison and Green Bay, Wis., in the afternoon. He will discuss the Democratic nominee’s “plan to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and Donald Trump’s plan, which would benefit himself and other millionaires and billionaires,” the campaign said.

As the Hill admits, “Though unclear if it’s related, the schedule change comes a few days after audio from a February fundraiser leaked that made public Clinton’s take on fans of her then-rival Sanders, whom she suggested were overly idealistic.

As a result of the impromptu split, the media will have three days in which to shift away its attention from the hacked Clinton recording.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump said Sunday night that Sanders should revoke his endorsement. “Bernie should pull his endorsement of Crooked Hillary after she decieved [sic] him and then attacked him and his supporters,” Trump tweeted.

For now, however, Bernie’s own “false promises” about not supporting a candidate who as he himself observed on the same CNN interview has received some $1 million in funds from Deutsche Bank, has prompted him to do as Trump has suggested.

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