Creepy Dad was Root of all Clan’s Woe, Singer Sez

Creepy Dad was Root of all Clan’s Woe, Singer Sez

Michelle Caruso — New York Daily News March 6, 2006

JACKSON FAMILY patriarch Joe Jackson was so abusive to his children “that he’d probably be in prison” if his wife hadn’t protected him, Jermaine Jackson alleges. The outline for Jermaine’s proposed book “Legacy: Surviving the Best and the Worst” suggests Joe Jackson molested his daughters Rebbie and LaToya and may have exposed young Michael to abuse at the hands of “important” businessmen. “Joseph did some disgusting things to LaToya and Rebbie, especially. If it weren’t for Mother’s loyalty to him, he’d probably be in prison for what he did to our sisters,” Jermaine said in the draft. Jermaine describes their mother as a loving person, but he wonders why she allowed her husband “to do what he’s done.

” When LaToya, 49, detailed physical abuse and hinted at sexual abuse in her 1991 tell-all “LaToya – Growing Up in the Jackson Family,” other family members denied it. Jermaine even suggested his father may have set up Michael to be somehow victimized by older men. He tells how his father would have Michael join in at late-night hotel room meetings with “important business people,” and wondered whether “something happened” to Michael at those sessions. He said he sensed something was wrong because Michael would be sick for days after. “What was Joseph doing?

” Jermaine wrote. In weighing the 2003 child-molestation allegations against Michael, Jermaine wondered whether his father’s behavior could have made his younger brother go bad. Joseph Jackson’s children were frightened that their father’s blood would eventually “contaminate” them. Rebbie, 55, is the oldest daughter in the Jackson family. As kids growing up in Gary, Ind., before the family hit it big, she and LaToya slept in an alcove off the living room. Rebbie moved out of the family home as a teen and went to live with a family friend “for reasons I didn’t fully understand then,” LaToya wrote in her book. LaToya also described being awakened in the night by Joseph wearing a “monster mask.


Michael Jackson is given a birthday cake during a guided tour of the British Parliament by Greville Janner (right), another alleged child abuser. Click to enlarge

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