Riot police deployed for Wall St copycat protest in City

Mark Blunden and Justin Davenport
14 Oct 2011

Anti-capitalist protesters are threatening to storm the City tomorrow to launch an “autumn of action” against its banks.

Activists are being urged to set up camp in the Square Mile in an effort to stage a repeat of the recent anti-Wall Street protests in New York.

Hundreds of riot police are being deployed in case of trouble and key buildings, including the Stock Exchange, will be ringed by officers to prevent attempts to occupy them.

The Met and City of London police forces have launched a joint operation in an effort to ensure the protests are peaceful.

One source said: “Our aim is to minimise any disruption to Londoners and tourists who are in the area. But the groups have told us they want the protest to be peaceful so we shall see.”

One campaigner said the City and Canary Wharf had become the focus of their anger after Parliament Square became too fortified to penetrate.

The protest, called Occupy London Stock Exchange, is being organised by coalition of protest and direct action groups, including UK Uncut.

The protest echoes a similar occupation carried out in Wall Street in New York which has seen demonstrators take over a park in lower Manhattan for three weeks.

The Met and City of London Police would not discuss tactics to deal with the protesters, saying only an “appropriate police plan” was in place.

A London Stock Exchange spokesman declined to comment.

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