Czech Kindergartens Install Fingerprint Scanners to Enhance Security

Czech Kindergartens Install Fingerprint Scanners to Enhance Security

EUROPE 20:44 12.10.2016

Kindergartens in the Czech Republic are planning to improve their security system by installing fingerprint scanners, Český rozhlas reported.

In the near future, parents in Prague will have to submit their fingerprints to their kindergarten. The measure is designed to not only help better protect children’s facilities, but also simplify the work of the kindergarten teachers who are supposed to control entry to the building on their own.

The device will scan fingerprints of people entering the facility and open the door only if it recognizes their identity. The innovative measure has already been implemented in the Hellichova kindergarten in the Mala Strana city district.

“We have already registered the fingerprints of 80% of the parents of our children,” director of the kindergarten, Pavlina Pankova, said.

Many Czech kindergartens will also install video intercoms and introduce special electronic badges. Pankova noted that the majority of parents approve of the new security measures.

According to the Office for Personal Data Protection, fingerprint scanning doesn’t violate existing legislation, although the scanners must comply with certain standards. The new security system won’t process the biometric data of a person, but only identify if her or his fingerprints correspond with those in the database.

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