Dame of Malta Elizabeth Mary II gave a green light to Margaret Thatcher

UK Queen gave green light to Thatcher

Fri, 26 Apr 2013 13:57:56 GMT

The presence of the 86-year-old Queen Elizabeth ll and her 92-year-old husband in former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral may be understood as the Queen’s attachment to the Thatcher era and her controversial policies during her 11-year premiership.

Regarding the importance of Thatcher’s position and policies suffice it to say that the old British Queen during her reign of more than sixty years did not attend any funeral ceremony of her Prime Ministers except Thatcher’s.

Thatcher pursued her controversial policies with the green light of the Queen so powerfully that many analysts consider her as the main cause of the social division created and inherited from that time. Thatcher’s strategies in the 1970s and 1980s made Britain suffer from a social plague.

Perhaps it was the Queen’s turn to be trapped in problems rooted in Thatcher. Who knows? Maybe the British Queen is the source of difficulties in Britain.

It is naive to assume that the Queen was not informed about the UK ordinary citizen’s hatred towards Thatcher and her premiership’s disputes and did her best for the million pounds funeral regardless of public sentiment. Bearing in mind that Thatcher was the Queen’s Prime Minister and her cabinet was the Queen’s.

Without the Queen’s permission, Thatcher could not invade the Malvinas Islands (Falklands), which led to the tragic deaths of thousands of Britons and Argentineans. Without telling the Queen, she could not even maintain her close relation with the brutal Chilean dictator Pinochet or boost ties with the apartheid regime of South Africa by describing Nelson Mandela as a terrorist.

The Queen Elizabeth II did not stand against Thatcher even in the height of the suppression of social movements. Without the consent of the Queen, sending arms and money to death squads in Northern Ireland was also impossible.

Many ask themselves, isn’t it the case that the Queen should be the guardian of Britain’s national values? So, while most people consider Thatcher era as the worst contemporary political period in their country, how could the Queen pour scorn on people and their values, holding a state-funded funeral and attending the event.

The answer is simple. Thatcher was the British Queen’s Prime Minister and the guardian of Her Majesty’s values.

War, suppression of social movements, close relations with racist regimes such as South Africa and Israel and many other counter values were basically the Queen’s acceptable values, to which Thatcher remained loyal and this time was the master’s turn to appreciate protection of such values in her servant’s death.

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