Danger! German Police Have No Information on ID Numbers Stolen by Daesh

Danger! German Police Have No Information on ID Numbers Stolen by Daesh © AFP 2015/ JOSEPH EID

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Daesh terrorists have reportedly managed to steel 10,000 authentic Syrian and Iraqi passports and may use them to cross the border with EU.

According to Jorg Radek, Deputy Chairman of the German Police Trade Union, the German police still don’t have any information on the numbers of the stolen documents.

The EU border agency Frontex recently warned that terrorists could get to Europe under the guise of refugees.

“It is good that Frontex announced such warning. It indicates that ISIL terrorists arrived in Europe, using legal documents,” Radek told Sputnik.

At the same time, the police officer stressed that 80 percent of those who come to Germany via Austria have no passports at all. This, for its turn, leads to the situation when the refugees who possess passports cause more suspicion than those who come to Germany without any documents.

Radek argued that it might be because such practice among refugees is highly unusual.

“When a person having a passport tries to enter Germany as a refugee, it is rather an exception to the rule. More often, we face the situation when people just throw away their documents anywhere on the train station in Passau,” the police officer said.

According to Radek, the police guards at the German-Austrian border carry out the registration of refugees in accordance with the national law. However, as number of refugees has significantly increased, it became hard to immediately carry out registration procedure as required.

So far, German law-enforcement services managed to complete the identification of refugees only in 10 percent of cases. The process usually includes general questions about the name and the country of origin, as well as the removal of the fingerprints.

Whether such procedure would be enough to prevent terrorists from entering the EU is highly doubtful. According to Radek, border officers do not have any specific information on how exactly they need to interview the refugees.

In order to minimize the threat, Germany needs a clear agreement with Austria regarding the identification procedure, Radek said.

“I also believe that the improvement of the protection of external EU borders would be very important,” he stated.

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