DarkLeaks Symbolism

DarkLeaks Symbolism

February 20, 2015 truthsector DarkLeaks, Internetall-seeing eye, darkleaks,

I have a couple of serious problems with DarkLeaks, the software that now tries to link the Bitcoin block chain to an alleged black market.

First of all, the symbolism. Why? Well, it’s obvious enough. Just look at the main logos.

The all-seeing eye? Yeah, sure that also. And what about the six-pointed emblem? Kind of obvious when you ask me.

Second, I don’t see why any whistleblower would need this software explicitly to leak any documents or information to the public, except of course for the possible financial rewards which are on the other hand a possible alternative in the event you can’t generate cash flow through sponsoring and advertising on your blog or website, that is true.

Considering the fact that the US and Israeli intelligence services have full access to all communications, can hack and intercept about anything, have their moles planted everywhere, also have full access to all the data that the other four eyes gather, DarkLeaks is from that perspective a great on-the-side venue through which the six eyes can get their hands on those things and such information that they haven’t got yet but others do and are willing to provide a copy of in return for cash/Bitcoins. In that way those intelligence services can save up their black budgets they desperately need for sabotaging nuclear power plants; for running psyops and false flag attacks and to feed ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Khorasan.

DarkLeaks should be and is a dream come true for the folks at the NSA, DHS and of course in Dimona because should there surprisingly be anything that becomes available of such value to them that they really want it they can and will easily pay any price for it in Bitcoins. Eventually leading to a full whitewashing of the possibly incriminating info. There are many Bitcoin accounts already operated by the governments of the six eyes that they either created to operate on the Bitcoin network (to pay a patsy for example), have stolen or have confiscated.

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