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    Also note that the Borgo is a creation by yet again the Spanish Borgia family coming from the old ancient powerful Kingdom of Aragon. You’ll see the Aragon flag in the Spanish Royal families coat of arms. You’ll also see the Castile Kingdom castle and the pillars of Jachin and Boaz in this same coat of arms. In the center you’ll also see the FARNESE coat of arms with the triple Nimrodian Fleur-de-lis. Remember Farnese means multiple acorns and acorn is the symbolism of fertility and ZEUS.

    The Curia Generalizia where Icke was at first in this video is the known World Headquarters of the Jesuits at Borgo Santo Spirito which is also a SOVEREIGN STATE.  Borgo Santo Spirito is protected by the Spanish Centro Nacional de Inteligencia which also protects Piazza di Spagna the dwelling of Juan Carlos in Rome not far from the WHQ of the SMOM at Via dei Condotti. Carlos is a high level Knight of Malta as well as an even more power Constantinian Knight and Equestrian Sepulchre Knight.

    City of London aka Crown Bar aka New Jerusalem is controlled by Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain of the House of Bourbon which is the FARNESE Papal Bloodline continuum.The City is controlled by the Ad Providam Papal Bull of 1312 by the Knights of Malta.Juan Carlos is the Grandmaster of the Calatrava and Montesa Orders where the Aragon Templars formed the Jesuit Order by Francis Borgia and commissioned by Alessandro Farnese. Carlos is the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

    I’m the one who exposed the ALDOBRANDINI, SOMAGLIA, ORSINI, BREAKSPEARE. I’m the one who’s given people the knowledge about EMPEROR JUAN CARLOS and the real Roman Empire.I’m the one who exposes the Jesuit Livery system controlling the I.M.F/World Bank through the ESF, U.S Treasury & at New Jerusalem with The Worshipful Company of Mercers controlled by SMOM who’re controlled since 1798 by the Jesuit Aragon Templars.Only recently have the Rothschild been allowed to breed within the Papal Nobility

    I’ve been exposing the Knights of Malta and the ARAGON TEMPLARS aka Jesuit Order for many years. David Icke did nothing of worth on this hidden Roman Empire and only does anything now on a minor scale for damage control and to start muddying the waters of this arena of the higher level of the conspiracy. How with his new-age and fiction claptrap that follows him which was busted by Chris White. So us real Roman research pioneers will be slagged off further as people see Icke speaking on it too

    The alternative conspiracy media was created by Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston S.J. The same as the recent New-Age push was from Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ. The American Protective League continuum runs the alternative media and their agenda is to promote self helplessness along with diverting attention away from the real Roman web and onto their enemies, Protestants, Torah Israelites and so forth. This is why those who expose Rome get ridiculed & worse. 

    I was the only one highlighting the Papal Nobility at one time and now people are finally checking it out more and spreading the knowledge. This actually goes further back into the Greek Empire and Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt with these families like Aldobrandini named after the Al-debaran bullseye of the Taurus Constellation which the Rolling Stones sing about in ‘3000 light years from home’. True Saturnalian bloodlines, the Jesuits are worshipers of Kronos & hate/control/use the RCC Zeus clan

    You have the Torah-Rabbi Israelites of the Bible who follow the Torah and believe Israel should be created when the Messiah returns. Then you have the wicked Babylonian Talmudic Sabbatean Frankist hofjuden court Jews for the Holy See who created both Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank the later baptized in the Catholic Church. Remember at the Sanhedrin the Judiacs said “We Have No King But Caesar”. Tells you it all doesn’t it.

    Theres no need to highlight the Desmarais family which I’ve highlighted again recently as they’re not in the league of the ORSINI family which is PAPAL NOBILITY. Knight of Malta Thomas Mapother IV Cruise is very close to the Orsini family which the Medici bred into for status. There is an Illuminati and its the highest levels of all these groups as one with the Gray and Black Jesuits as the head within. Rothschilds serve well the Jesuits & have done since the suppression of the Jesuits.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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