DEA Bans Harmless Natural Substitute for OxyContin, Heroin

DEA Bans Harmless Natural Substitute for OxyContin, Heroin

September 1, 2016

On the basis of 100 reports of “bad reactions”
a year, the DEA is banning Kratom Sept 30 without any consultations. Kratom is a traditional pain killer which has helped millions but cuts the profits of Jewish-owned pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma.
Purdue produces the addictive OxyContin, a chemical cousin of Heroin, which has caused a national epidemic of both drugs. There were 16,000 deaths due to opioid overdoses in 2010.
Instead of banning OxyContin, the DEA is banning a harmless substitute.

    Sid Green: “I know most people will not give a s*** I probably would not but it happens to affect my quality of life. FYI you don’t get high from it, it simply relieves symptoms. It will be used to generate revenue for prisons to arrest people managing their pain just like with Marijuana, which is on the same list.

    But I must ask you so that perhaps someone will add a signature to this petition and maybe my quality of life will not have to reduce. Whatever.”

by Sid Green

Kratom, also known as Mytrogena Speciosa, is a plant that grows in South-East Asia.

From the coffee family, it has been used in the traditional medicine of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China since ancient times. In small doses, it is a stimulant used by day laborers to increase productivity and reduce the effect of pain at work.

At higher doses, it reduces chronic pain. It binds to opioidmu receptors, but chemically, it is not an opiate or opioid.

Fast forward to 2016 in the USA. It is now a popular supplement used by thousands of people to reduce the effects of chronic pain, and to fight depression and PTSD. There have never been any deaths resulting from it and it is impossible to overdose because if one consumes an unhealthy quantity, the body vomits it up.

Kratom has helped people who have suffered from dependence on opiates to taper off of them finally. It also helps former addicts deal with cravings. It has been used for many years under the radar but everyone knew that at some point the corporate establishment would interfere to maximize their profits.

This supplement is cutting into the profits made by the Pharmaceutical corporations. The Pharmaceutical (which means sorcery in Septuagint Greek) corporations sell opiates which have caused addiction & abuse epidemics such as: Oxycontin & Percocet.

In fact, the ((Sackler family,)) on the Forbes 2015 list of the richest families in America, made their $14 billion dollar fortune off Oxycontin, which has resulted in tens of thousands of overdoses and a national epidemic of addiction across U.S. cities. It can be crushed and snorted. and has made over 35 billion dollars in sales since it was launched by the Sackler family’s Purdue Pharma.

The main difference between Kratom and OxyContin is that synthetic opiates like Oxycontin slow down breathing, and thus cause death at certain doses.

Kratom does not slow breathing, because it is a natural plant, not a synthetic compound. However it does cut into the Sackler’s profits and provides solutions to those suffering from pain who do not wish to take synthetic chemical drugs from Pharmaceutical Corporations.

The DEA, which is an agency which is dependent on funding by the Pharmaceutical companies, and their associates, has now added Mitrogena Speciosa (Kratom) to the Schedule 1 list including Heroin and LSD. This is criminal, cruel, and insane.

Now users who use this herb for relief of pain and other symptoms will be criminalized and can be “legally” thrown into private prisons. Populations will suffer from arrest rates just like in the case of disproportionate arrests for Marijuana. People will do prison time for using an herb which does not even cause intoxication.

(Extreme symptoms of withdrawal when the drug wears off.)

This is because the Sackler family wants to maximize its profits that it has made off of its deadly notorious drug OxyContin. OxyContin has caused untold death and destruction in our society, and is widely overprescribed. It is highly accessible and easy for youth to find and abuse.

Kratom has no abuse potential. This legislature criminalizes normative citizens for utilizing a substance that has been used for thousands of years in Traditional South Eastern and Chinese medicine. It does not even carry the stigma of intoxication. Interested American citizens may sign this petition against it becoming a Schedule 1 substance which takes effect on Sept. 30th.

The Sackler family seems to be a typical Illuminati family.

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