Death Agony of Republican Party Is Lead Story in U.S. Political Journalism; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Encourages Republican Senators to Boycott July Convention

Death Agony of Republican Party Is Lead Story in U.S. Political Journalism; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Encourages Republican Senators to Boycott July Convention, Run Attack Ads Against Trump to Save Their Seats

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Morning Briefing | Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On the day before the Super Tuesday primaries in mainly southern states, the looming breakup and extinction of the Republican Party as a national party is topic A for political observers in the United States. Karl Rove, the architect of Bush’s two terms in the White House and the top GOP fundraiser, called for concentrated efforts to Stop Trump. Former Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota offered: “I’m hopeful the party won’t destroy itself.” (WaPo, February 29, 2016) This same paper commented that “The implosion over Donald Trump’s candidacy that Republicans had hoped to avoid arrived so virulently this weekend that many party leaders vowed never to back the billionaire and openly questioned whether the GOP could come together this election year.’ (Wapo, February 29, 2016)

On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, mercenary hack Hugh Hewitt announced that for the first time he could clearly see a path leading to the splitting of the GOP into parts, and cited the Whitman-Christie altercation. Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report informed NBC’s Meet the Press that many traditional GOP reactionaries would refuse to back Trump, and would instead focus on Congressional, state, and local races – adding up to the partial collapse of the Republicans as a national party. This was the formula recently advanced by David Frum, who concluded that the GOP would have a hard time winning the White House from now on, owing to its demographic decline. Chuck Todd, the moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press, opined that a Republican crackup is now possible because of the infighting between Trump and his rivals. On the Sunday political talk shows, Rubio grimly warned that, because of Trump, the GOP could soon face destruction with multiple splits and splinterings.

Trump validated the contention of those who see him as a fascist, like the present publication. The Gawker website announced that he had re-tweeted a posting that consisted of a saying of Mussolini (Better to live a day like a lion than 100 years as a sheep.). In a related development, Trump refused three times on CNN to condemn the Ku Klux Klan guttersnipe David Duke, who had endorsed him. Interestingly enough, support for the KKK seems to be a Trump family tradition. Trump’s father, Fred, the founder of his fortune ended up in jail because of his devotion to the KKK:

‘According to a New York Times article published in June 1927, a man with the name and address of Donald Trump’s father was arraigned after Klan members attacked cops in Queens, N.Y.’

Fred Trump was later accused in 1975 of ongoing racial discrimination against black renters seeking accommodations in his buildings. According to the Village Voice:

‘the Justice Department subsequently complained that continuing “racially discriminatory conduct by Trump agents has occurred with such frequency that it has created a substantial impediment to the full enjoyment of equal opportunity.”’ [1]

Trump claimed he knew nothing of Duke or the KKK, breathing new life into the epithet “Knownothing,” which was the classic 1850s U.S. term for a xenophobic fanatic.

Hardened GOP political hacks seemed to have little confidence in the vote-getting powers of the billionaire real estate speculator. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been telling his members that they should feel free to boycott the Republican National Convention in Cleveland if it appears that Trump will be the nominee. The senators should also not hesitate, McConnell added, to run attack ads against Trump if they should find that this is what they need to do to save themselves from defeat at the polls. Here is a very plausible perspective for party fratricide that could indeed blow the GOP into fragments. Early estimates by political observers suggested that a majority among the GOP senators intend to avail themselves of these options. Trump might then consider himself an aggrieved candidate, and proceed to cut ties with the party in whatever way he might find convenient.

Ex-Governor Chris Christie announced that he was endorsing Trump, and drew an immediate attack from his own resident moneybags Meg Whitman, the EBay billionaire who had been serving as his campaign finance chairwoman. Whitman, who had tried with no success for statewide office in California, slammed Christie for “an astonishing display of political opportunism” in backing The Donald, whom she slammed as a “dishonest demagogue” who would “take American on a dangerous journey.” Here we see in microcosm the frontal collision between extreme reactionary and fascist politicians who have to cater to an enraged petty-bourgeois fanatical base obsessed with social and ideological issues, on the one hand, and cynical billionaire donors from the banking and business world looking simply for the largest possible slice of the concessions and patronage pie, on the other. The donor class regards abortion and gun control as yokel bait to lure gullible voters into betraying their own interests. On the immigration issue, the Republican donor elite want to use undocumented workers as strike breakers.

Now Christie will assume the role of alter ego to Trump, just as the fat Nazi Hermann Goering was the main deputy to Hitler. History is writing its own parody.

Hitler’s deputy was Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering, who functioned as his second in command. Will Donald Trump now adopt New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (already widely known as the Garden State Goering) as his alter ego? Don’t forget Rudy Giuliani is lurking in the shadows and angling for a plum job – quite possibly the vice presidency – in a future Trump fascist regime on the Potomac

Video below foreshadows the depravity of a future regime; would be dictator is depicted here cavorting with his one of his closest campaign advisors, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (here dresses as a woman).


Trump is holding firm to his plan to deport 12 million US residents he claims are undocumented. So far, he has not indicated a preference whether he thinks boxcars or cattle cars are best suited for the thousands of special trains that he will send south, loaded with terrified refugees and displaced persons.

Trump rival and favorite of the entrenched party oligarchy Marco Rubio, joined by many inside and outside the GOP, has been touting the #NeverTrump twitter tag, which is now competing with the older #StopTrump! gambit. Rubio’s favorite line is that Trump is a con man who must not be allowed to take over the GOP.

There also can be little doubt that Trump has been studying old newsreels of Benito Mussolini during his younger years with a view to finding new ways of making faces, grimacing, leering, strutting, and gaping. Trump is evidently using Neuro-Linguistic programming and hypnosis. Awareness is also growing of Trump’s outrageous and illegal free ride from the controlled corporate media. Many of his rallies are simply broadcast in toto and verbatim by these corrupt media, with no attempt to refute or demystify.

One veteran operative quoted by WaPo pledged never to vote for Trump, but to write in the name of some other person. In another signature feature of a fascist campaign, Trump continues routinely inciting mass violence by his supporters against protesters and interlopers at his rallies.

In a shocking development, Trump announced that he would seek to undermine the First Amendment guarantee of free speech to muzzle the press and prevent the publications of articles unfavorable to Trump. Libel laws could be changed to allow large monetary penalties in lawsuits by rich oligarchs. Most surprising was the absence of any indignant hue and cry by newspapers, magazines, radio and television, who are normally concerned about any threat to the First Amendment.

Kathrina vanden Heuvel was correct in pointing out that Trump had benefitted massively from media malpractice in the form of vast quantities of free television time lavished on the fascist speculator. But she felt compelled to describe Trump’s doctrine as “Trumpian Authoritarianism” rather than using the only historically accurate classification – Fascism.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska is the first senator to say that he will never vote for Trump, while at the same time obviously eying some maneuver to bolt a Republican Party dominated by Trump. Sasse went on MSNBC to give voice to his ambitions.

Aficionados of Nebraska politics will remember that Sasse has been saying for decades that he is destined to be the 45th President of the United States – in other words the successor to Obama, who is the 44th President. This may be seen by some as an obscure prophecy, but stranger things have happened, especially if you are a darling of the superpacs. Sasse also compares the current situation to the four way presidential election on the eve of the Civil War:

‘Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse says that the 2016 election reminds him of the 1860 election, “when there ended up being four-ish choices.”

I think a lot of the people who want a protest vote to scream Washington is broken, they need to realize, that if this becomes the Donald Trump/David Duke party, there are a lot of us who are out.’ [2]

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