Debunked: Steven Goddard’s (Realclimatescience.Com) Pevensey Bay Sea Level Misinformation Piece

Debunked: Steven Goddard’s (Realclimatescience.Com) Pevensey Bay Sea Level Misinformation Piece


Are the governments and intergovernmental institutions like the United Nations deceiving the public about climate change? Yes! Are they falsely pinning this natural phenomenon on mankind? Yes! And I have documented at least some geoengineering programs HERE that completely shred the CO2-linked man made global warming scam propaganda.

But like I already told you many times, the lies and deception do not only come from the mainstream press and their governmental and sectarian overlords. The “alternative” media counterpart is also to blame on several occasions for misinforming and disinforming their loyal audiences and often they do so deliberately.

So when I came across a recent post published by Steven Goddard a.k.a. Tony Heller, from, that claims that “Sea Level Was Higher During The Medieval Warm Period” [1, 2] I was very interested to discover the evidence that was likely coming with it that would support such an inviting and most clickable title.

In stead he came up with this map allegedly from the Pevensey Court House Museum:

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And this is what he wrote about it:

“The Norman castle at Pevensey Bay is one of the most historic sites in Britain. It is built inside of a Roman wall, and was William the Conqueror’s headquarters. It was also used as a defense outpost by Brits and Americans in WWII

It is currently several miles from the sea, but at the time when the Romans and Normans built the structures, the water lapped right up to the edge of the stone. The map below [above] shows the bay 900 years ago, and the current seashore as a dashed line.

Climate experts say that that there was no Medieval Warm Period, because they are paid to lie for White House political purposes.”

Now the first thing that came to my mind, even as a hardcore anti-UN rebel, was that this land previously covered by water was likely simply put through several reclamation projects by the people of those days (post 340 A.D) and more intensely in modern times. Turns out… that my initial take was right, without doing all too much research on the topic. In fact this Real Climate Science piece was very easily debunked.

  • “The village of Pevensey Bay originally known as the hamlet of Wallsend stand’s on the eastern end of the crumbles, as the hamlet of Wallsend there were farm buildings and a few cottages it has now evolved into a thriving village community much increased in population for the holiday season. The name Wallsend better defines the historical birth of the settlement. As the landowners inned (reclaimed) the land from 1,200 A D onwards, they pushed their mud walls forward to keep the sea out and, this area was the end of their walls.” (this was not posted on a website that is involved in the climate “debate”)
  • “The present day appearance of the Pevensey Levels results from a combination of natural sediment, depositional processes and extensive reclamation of the wetland for agricultural use.”

This is today’s Pevensey and the area of the Pevensey Castle (Roman fort Anderitum or Anderita) and bay:

pevensey, global warming, steven goddard, tony heller, real climate science, debunked

Now, I have to mention here that I’m not suddenly siding with the pedophile UN and the toxic Green Climate Fund because one of the above sources that provides information on the reclamation of land in Pevensey,, also has this to say that is very important information concerning the false religion that man-made CO2 global warming truly is:

“At the end of the last glaciation, about 10,000 years ago, rising sea-levels flooded the lower reaches of the numerous coastal river valleys resulting in the creation of a tidal estuary. The present Levels were under water and consisted of a wide, shallow bay backed by the rising ground of the High Weald inland. By the 1st century the wide bay was partly sheltered by storm beach shingle spits which gradually developed across the bay allowing vast quantities of marine and estuarine alluvium to be deposited behind. These sediments give rise to the present day loamy soils which, when drained, produce high-quality agricultural land. The Levels gradually changed from salt marsh to reedy meadows although much of the area was still under water as recently as 700-800 years ago. In the course of succeeding centuries, more of the wetland was reclaimed for agricultural use and the former bay ceased to exist.”

And this, also from Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd (certainly not a conspiracy theories website), shows that sea levels have been rising for at least 15,000 years, LONG BEFORE mankind started speeding around in SUVs and Ferraris:

“The image below shows schematically how sea levels have risen since the last ice age and that the sea only reached Pevensey about 5,000 year before today. Outcrops of chalk on the Channel floor are shown in pink, and it is flint from this chalk that is likely to have contributed to the beach material that was pushed northwards by the rising sea level.”

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