Decline of Literacy Reflects Plan for World Tyranny

Decline of Literacy Reflects Plan for World Tyranny

December 13, 2015

Satanists invert everything. Schools make us stupid.
About one in three people who write to me are semi literate.

In Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools To Destroy America’s Children, authors
authors Sam Blumenfeld and Alex Newman reveal that the decline in literacy is part of a plan to establish tyranny by knowingly dumbing down the population, a mission closer to success than ever before with “Common Core.”

There are two models of society. The Christian model is to attempt to uplift humanity. The Satanic Jewish model is to reduce the masses to the level of cattle, and exploit them. The education system reflects the latter.

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.
(From Nov 27, 2013)

A disturbing sign of cultural decline is that more people cannot write a proper sentence.

A sentence is the basic unit of written communication. If we learn only one thing in school, it should be to write a sentence.

A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. It must contain a noun and a verb, a subject and a predicate. See here.

How To Write Correct Sentences

“The dog (noun) chases (verb) the cat.” “The dog” is the subject. “Chases the cat” is the predicate.

Yet I have an acquaintance who somehow attained a Master’s Degree in Social Work and cannot write a sentence.

In a custody battle, he is writing his own affidavits. “Your inability to write a sentence discredits you,” I tell him.

He just laughs and acts like I am an old pedant defending his obsolete turf. “You sound like one of my old professors,” he says.

“I would have flunked you,” I say.

He wouldn’t appear in court wearing pajamas but thinks nothing of submitting documents that discredit him.

His children’s welfare is at stake. He cannot defend them effectively. Everyone who is semi literate is similarly handicapped for life.


Just as our grip on culture is more tenuous, increasingly English grammar is treated like an anachronism. The popularity of texting may be a factor. People think they can write like they talk, in a stream of consciousness.

But this doesn’t explain why schools don’t require English proficiency as a condition of graduation. What is an education for?

Being able to write a sentence is the equivalent of two plus two equals four. I suspect that a subversive force is behind this cultural disintegration. Flouting the rules of grammar is treated like another form of liberation and revolt.

At the same time, the rules for plagiarism are being relaxed and the objectivity of Math is being challenged and fudged.

Ours is a satanic era where the laws of God and nature are distorted and inverted. Why would grammar be exempt?


I posted a powerful article by “Duran” about how young men are being psychologically destroyed in school.

In that article, Duran’s periods were originally all commas and there was little to no capitalization. This talented young man transferred to an all-male private school and graduated with flying colors. Yet, he still cannot write a sentence, and like my social work friend doesn’t think he needs to. The same applies to some other valued contributors.

I was lucky to attend public high school in Ottawa in the 1960’s when the rules of writing were drummed into our heads, and we were expected to master a wide range of knowledge: history, geography, sciences, languages, math. My teachers were young, smart and dedicated.

But clearly the education system today is more concerned with grooming youth for gay sex than equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

We are witnessing a return to mass illiteracy. The culture is moving away from text and becoming verbal and visual. The hidden agenda is to dumb down the new generation, and to make them ineffectual and easier to control.

Sheep don’t need to write. They just need to bleat.

Students label Prof “Racist” for Teaching Grammar (Thanks Ron)

First Comment from Ken Adachi:

I rarely post a Letter to the Editor exactly as received because the grammar is usually so bad, I don’t want to embarrass the writer or detract from the importance of his message, so I’ll add the capital letter at the beginning of each sentence and the period at the end. I’ll insert my name in the salutation and add their name at the end. I’ll add the missing punctuation, the missing apostrophes for contractions (there’s a BIG difference between “it’s” and “its” and 95% of people who write to me, have no idea what that difference is), the missing semicolons, the missing quotations marks, the misspelled words, etc. Good grammar is a sign of an orderly and logical mind that can analyze and discern fact from fiction and think critically. It’s also the sign of an educated person. Sloppy grammar is synonymous with a poor education that produces a sloppy, lazy non-thinker (the intended goal) who stumbles through life in confusion, indecisiveness, and uncertainty because he can’t think worth a damn. The person who suffers the most and loses the most is the person who fails to educate himself in the proper use of the English language. I learned the basics of English grammar and composition in a good high school that had teachers and staff who cared about a quality education. I became absorbed in the books of Ernest Hemingway when I went into the military following high school. I told myself I was going to learn to write as clearly and cleanly as he wrote. I bought a bunch of books on how to write well and began to read and read. On Writing Well by William Zinsser (who died in May of this year at 92) was one of the best tutors I’ve ever encountered for about $8. Writing well is enormous fun, with unending creative possibilities in theme and variation; meaning and impact. Writing well is an art and nothing gives you more satisfaction than a well written exposition of your own creation. None of this is possible unless you first learn how to use the English language correctly. You can’t fly a plane without leaning the correct procedures. You can’t write English without leaning the correct procedures. It’s as simple as that.
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