Defeating Obama on the JASTA Bill Can Begin the Fall of the British Empire

Defeating Obama on the JASTA Bill Can Begin the Fall of the British Empire


Obama visits his master immediately after taking office, beginning his legacy as a British agent. (flickr/whitehouse, Pete Souza, April 1, 2009)

A decisive battle between two global power structures—the British Empire and its bankrupt financial oligarchy internationally on the one hand, and the new paradigm for development centered in China, Russia and the forces connected to the LaRouche movement in the US and Europe—is now being decided in the US. The US Senate is scheduled to hold a two hour debate Wednesday morning, and then vote, to override the treasonous veto by the British puppet Obama of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), which would allow American victims of 9/11 to bring suit against the Saudi Royals who funded and directed the 9/11 terror assault on the US. These are the same sponsors of essentially all subsequent terrorist movements world wide, including the terrorist forces which destroyed Iraq and Libya, and are attempting to do the same in Syria.

Those who understand that the fate of mankind, of civilization itself, is being challenged by this British/Saudi imperial beast, are mobilizing internationally to bring pressure and encouragement to the Members of the US Congress, which earlier voted unanimously to pass the JASTA Bill, to stand up to the President’s treasonous veto, which placed Obama squarely on the side of the terrorists and their sponsors in Riyadh and London.

A massive mobilization of the Empire’s minions has been thrown into the fight. The Saudis are spending more than $250,000 a month fighting the JASTA bill, hiring powerful lobbyists to coerce the Congress. They have also threatened major US corporations with the termination of their huge assets in the Saudi Kingdom, demanding that they use their clout to threaten Members of Congress to sustain Obama’s veto. Already, according to Politico, GE, Dow Chemical, Boeing and Chevron, and perhaps others, have joined the defense of the Empire’s terrorist forces against American victims of that terror, by pressuring Members of Congress to sustain Obama’s veto, lying that the bill will lead to a massive flight of international business and capital from the US and the collapse of the US economy.

The reality behind this fight is the imminent danger of global war and economic chaos if the US continues its geopolitical confrontation with Russia and China. US Defense Secretary Ash Carter—henceforth to be known as “Nuclear Ash” Carter—, appeared today at the Minot Air Force base in North Dakota, a strategic nuclear weapons base. Standing before a B52 nuclear bomber, Carter declared that the US must replace and modernize its entire nuclear weapons stockpile, to face what he described as a real threat of an attack from Russia or North Korea—even if it were a non-nuclear attack. Obama had earlier announced a $1 trillion program for modernizing some of the U.S. nuclear weapons. Now “Nuclear Ash” has expanded it further, to meet a non-existing threat, while Obama and Carter are moving US strategic forces along the entire Russian border in Europe and the Chinese border in Asia, an unprecedented threat to their security.

It should be no surprise that Carter also penned a letter to the Congress demanding that they sustain Obama’s veto of JASTA, claiming it would jeopardize our military adventures around the world.

At the same time, Reuters reports that unnamed Obama Administration officials have informed them that the US is considering providing shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles (Manpads) to the opposition in Syria, and perhaps even surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). Such a move would clearly bring the world closer to world war.

Behind the insanity of war and terror stands the bankrupt banking system of the Empire. As Deutsche Bank crumbles, the threat of contagion from the collapse of their derivative holdings—the largest of any bank in the world—is already shaking the foundations of the entire system.

The problem today, Lyndon LaRouche said, is that the U.S., as a nation, is controlled mostly and largely by the British imperial system, mass murderers which we hate. We are mobilizing groupings of people in the Untied States appropriate to get the job done: the vote that will bury the British. What is British? Obama! We have to mass the forces who will do the job, of ensuring that Obama will not be in charge of U.S. policy, and with the JASTA veto override vote, we are on the edge of getting the margin required to get a success, to get the forces to destroy the British Empire, which means Obama, and in the coming days, take back control of policy-making in the U.S.

The issue is: Can we, between us, with China and Russia allied, assemble the force to defeat this evil?

We are orchestrating a decision that will determine the fate of the world, LaRouche said. We must have leading forces with the strength to bring down the British, the Saudis: the evil people. We may not be the best people, but we’re human!

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