Deficits in Germany’s democracy: Is proportional representation proving a disaster?

Deficits in Germany’s democracy: Is proportional representation proving a disaster?

During a crisis in Germany billed as the most serious since th Second World War, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere feels free to take a week’s holiday in Mallorca. That says a lot about the state of German democracy.

De Maiziere ‘s holiday is symptomatic of what is emerging as the deeply flawed system of proportional representation. Unlike in the UK, Germans do not vote, largely, for their representative in a constituency There is no first past the post system. Germans vote, largely, for a party. The party chiefs create the lists of representatives, who are them allocated positions in parliament depending on the proportion of the vote a party gets.

The result of this system is proving a democratic disaster. De Maiziere and other leading CDU politicians are insulated from what the party rank and file think. Their only contact with the electorate seem to be the (fake?) polls published in the controlled mainstream media. De Maiziere with his holiday in Mallorca resembles a DDR apparatchik. His only thought at a time of national crisis, which he has helped create. is where he can go on holiday. That, and how he can demonstrate loyalty to Merkel. And, so, continue to draw their comfortable salaries.

No elected MP in the UK would be considering a holiday at this time.

The elected MPs in the UK would be rioting in the House of Commons by now if Prime Minister David Cameron had single handeldy changed immigration policy to allow migrants in their hundreds of thousands to enter the country illegally in the space of a month or two.

In Germany, the fact that Angela Merkel has no right to unilaterally change the immigration policy has not even become a theme among the CDU politicians. There is no real democracy, no real understanding politicians are there to represent the will of people. There is just a bureaucracy. That bureaucy is not registering the danger signals from the electorate. The entire German government is in danger of experiencing an Eric Mielke moment.

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