McCain heads US delegation to Saudi Arabia to discuss Syria

Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:3AM

John McCain has led a delegation of US senators to Saudi Arabia, where they discussed with the Kingdom’s crown prince a Pentagon plan to arm and train the so-called moderate militants in Syria.

The Pentagon has announced it is deploying about 1,000 troops to train the Syrian militants to fight against the ISIL terrorist group.

The training program, which is expected to begin in early spring, will also include hundreds of US support personnel who will be operating at sites in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, according to the Pentagon.

A message on the official Twitter feed for Sen. McCain said the US senators also met Saturday with Ahmad al-Jarba, the leader of the so-called Syrian National Council, as well as the commander of Saudi Arabia’s training and equipment program, The Associated Press reports.

McCain, Republican of Arizona, has pressed for increased military aid to militant groups in Syria to fight a “two-front war” against both the government of President Bashar al-Assad and ISIL terrorists controlling large swaths of territory in Syria and neighboring Iraq.

In 2013, McCain held a secret meeting with Syria’s militant leaders. Later it emerged that some ISIL terrorists were among the insurgents the US senator had met and taken photos with.

Critics argue that the Obama administration’s plan to “train and equip” what it calls moderate Syrian militants into a proxy ground force against ISIL is foolhardy, because the US could end up arming terrorists if alliances shift in the future.

‘No moderate militants’

Some analysts also reject the notion that “moderate” militants exist in Syria. “Nobody in any position of expertise here thinks that there really is any significant moderate Syrian rebel force. It does not exist,” Dr. Kevin Barrett, professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, said in an interview on Saturday.

“The forces in Syria that are opposing the government with any kind of power, or any kind of will, and any kind of expertise and competence are, unfortunately, the Takfiri extremists, the same people that we are supposedly fighting, the ISIL people, and of course those groups who were actually largely created by the US and US-allied intelligence networks,” Dr. Barrett added.

“So this is a fraud and a farce. The real purpose, of course, is to undermine the Syrian government and ultimately they are aiming at regime change in Syria,” the analyst stated.

According to the United Nations, more than 200,000 people have been killed and millions displaced due to the turmoil that has gripped Syria for nearly four years.


  • theunhivedmind

    You know my thoughts on this son-of-a-bitch snitch terrorist treasonous traitorous sneak. This is one of the worst so-called human beings on the planet who must be removed from office and have Nixon’s pardon removed allowing his punishment of death by firing squad again. John McCain caused a 69% rise in U.S Air Force pilot deaths over Vietnam. How? He grassed them completely up in every way to the Vietnamese. McCain was sentenced to be killed by firing squad for his pathetic actions but Nixon pardoned him like a good little Wall Street/City of London stooge he was. John McCain works for New Venice (Britain) via Wall Street. Saudi Arabia is New Venice’s main honcho creating a terrorist network which controls all the major geopolitical terrorism you see today. Please go to the links below and spread the word on Saudi Arabia and the New Venice connection. Its about time Vladimir Putin send an FSB agent to horizontalize this demented warhawk terrorist from hell.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • MetalHeadViking

    I have to ask you about the greek elections.

    It seems that EU commissioner is now hinting towards an EU military coup in Greece if Syriza wins the election.

    Have you heard of the “Plan Z”?

    According to the Lisbon Treaty. The EU has powers to execute this “Plan Z”. This would mean the shut down of all ATM:s all over Greece, the reinstallment of bordercontrolls under EU military, EU-troops taking over all airports in Greece, as well as the imediate stop of all financial transactions.

    Back 2011 the EU secretly discussed taken upp “Plan Z” in Greece if Syriza would win in the 2012 reelections. But they didnt, so they scraped the plans.

    Here is more on “Plan Z”.

    Read a sweidsh article were a university professor suggested that “Plan Z” was now a clear option for the EU, if Syriza would win the elections.

    Basically, the EU can execute a coup in Greece effectivly showing its true dictatorial nature.

    • theunhivedmind

      Yes I had heard before the claims that once in the EU you will never get out and if you do that the European Gendarmerie Force would become involved and wars within your border soon enough. This is a EU dictatorship without a shadow of a doubt and it has to be destroyed before the post-democratic era can grab a total foothold. I will add these articles to the site. I would expect some kind of troubles in Greece if Syriza win the election without a doubt. I think Greece needs to seriously align with Russia and China whilst entering into the BRICS and discussing pegging a new currency against the Yuan for the time being. A military alliance with Russia and China is needed if these are the tricks that the EU want to pull. I’m not sure if a coup will be used because I believe German is ready to destroy this current Union and they are not too happy with Mario Draghi’s actions either. If the Union was tight then maybe the coup’s etc would occur but seeing as France, Italy and Germany are not one with the EU right now on different subjects them we’ll its doom for the EU before a new version is created but made smaller. They may move far-right parties into play so the awakening herd think they’ve won by getting Marine Le Pen in France or in Britain UKIP.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • keenly

    Can you please help me with something?

    You how the alternative media follows are obsessed with pyramid pictures to demonstrate the elite power, but they are usually nonsense? Council of 13 and all that bollocks.

    If you were putting together something to show, in simple terms the power structure what would it be. I know it is complex but I am trying to educate some of the idiots who think Rothchilds are worth 400 trillion and rule the planet. I have found a few people do actually listen, then research the Jesuits, Venetians etc.

    As I understand it

    Venetian Nobility. Papal families of old(only a few remain), Norman families such as Keswick, Bourbon, Orsini, Pallavicini, Guelph etc

    The Society of Jesus

    The order of the Holy Sepulcher

    The Knights of Malta

    The Bavarian Illuminati, Maltese families such as Rothschild, Rockfeller and their sub fams

    Opus Dei

    etc etc

    Can you tell me YOUR OPINION on the structure, AS YOU KNOW IT.

    • theunhivedmind

      I’m not aware of the Keswick family being Normans and neither were the others such as Pallavicini who’re from Genoa etc. Norman families would be Perci, Howard and Butler! Do you see Pallavicini talked about all day online? Do you see anyone doing a WeAreChange on a Pallavicini? The answer is no! Ask yourself why that is! Real power stays as much as possible inside the shadows and may step into the grey but very rarely if ever do they enter the light unlike the Rothschild family.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • keenly

    I didn’t say the Keswick were Normans.
    I said the elite power structure includes them.

    Is what I posted accurate, as far as the power of the various orders go?

    I know Rothschild are not all that but how does the power structure look today?

    committee of 300

    etc etc?

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