Denver Releases Video of Restrained Inmate who Choked to Death on Own Vomit

Denver Releases Video of Restrained Inmate who Choked to Death on Own Vomit © Denver Post

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Following a lawsuit, the city of Denver has released two videos showing the final moments of a man who died after choking on his own vomit while being restrained at the Denver city jail.

Newly released security-camera footage captures the death of Michael Lee Marshall, who died on Nov. 11 They span from 6:28 to 7:12 p.m. without any audio.

Marshall was a paranoid schizophrenic who was arrested on a trespassing charge at Denver’s Colfax Avenue motel.

In one video, he is seen walking shirtless toward the laundry room holding what appears to be a blanket. As he paces back and forth, he could be seen dropping several unidentifiable items from the blanket multiple times. One deputy approaches Marshall before up to four could be seen observing him.

The inmate tries to get past the crowd of deputies before one reaches out to slam him against the cement block and pushes him back toward a bench. Two deputies then approach Marshall and swing him to the floor where three deputies restrain him for about four minutes.

Eventually, about five deputies and three prison personnel who appear to be medics are standing over Marshall before his mouth is equipped with what appears to be a “spit hood” and he’s strapped into a restraining chair.

​The second camera shows Marshall being strapped onto this chair for about five minutes. Then, deputies seem to just observe him in the chair. A deputy then shakes Marshall’s chest in what appears to be an attempt to wake him.

His motionless body is then unstrapped and placed on the floor where he is administered CPR for about 20 minutes. He’s then pulled away from the last camera’s view.

Following the incident, Marshall was taken to Denver Health Medical Center where he remained brain dead for nine days before his family terminated life support on Nov. 20.

His family is considering launching a civil rights lawsuit against the city.

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