Discrimination Against Muslims in US Increasing

Discrimination Against Muslims in US Increasing © Flickr/ Charles Roffey

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Cases of discrimination against Muslims in the United States are on the rise, former New York Supreme Court clerk Tahanie Aboushi told Sputnik.

NEW YORK (Sputnik) — Aboushi, now a practicing attorney, represents four Americans of various ethnicities who claim to have been the target of bias by the airline carrier American Airlines.

“I think they do happen on a regular basis,” Aboushi said on Tuesday. “More frequently than one would think and it has decreased due to the political climate and the discussions that take place concerning the Middle East and Muslims.”

According to court documents, the airline allegedly removed the four individuals from a New York flight bound to Toronto in December 2015 based on their appearance.

The defendants are seeking a combined $9 million in punitive damages for “unlawful discrimination.”

Of the four plaintiffs, three were Muslim and one was Sikh, court documents show.

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