Disinfo Agents, Part 3: “Alternative” Media Pushing FALSE G77 Narrative on NWO

Disinfo Agents, Part 3: “Alternative” Media Pushing FALSE G77 Narrative on NWO

May 19, 2015

Given that today’s part 3 of the “Disinfo Agents” series comes within less than a week after the first two publications [1, 2], the series will not only occupy a regular slot here at Psyop Ninja it will in time become a quite extensive series ranging into several dozens of publications. Each and every single one of them exposing a specific alternative deception.

Part 3 addresses the false G77 narrative that is still being pushed by not so alternative media outlets. They should, evidently, be archived and remembered as such.

“G77 Nations vow to destroy America’s New World Order”

“there’s a new New World Order on Earth and its enemy is the United States, the EU, the UN Security Council and the world’s shadow government led by the IMF and WTO.”

All such statements are completely false representations of what the G77 stands for and is trying to accomplish.

The G77 is not fighting nor is it against the United Nations in any way. The G77 (100+ nations) tries very hard to get the UN’s agenda 21 implemented globally. They fully support the CO2 emissions frauds and lies, they fully support the UN’s “sustainable” policies and doctrines.

The G77 isn’t fighting the USA at all since the UN is headquartered in the US, on land provided by Rockefeller.

Even if it were so that this G77 was a new world order they’d still be a danger to individuality and freedom of speech and press. They certainly do not subscribe to the truth about 9/11 being an inside job and Fukushima (3/11) being acts of war, industrial sabotage and geological warfare.

In short, erase the notion that the G77 are here to save the day. They won’t and they don’t. It’s a repackaging of the old “new world order” phrase. The US and it’s closest ally Israel don’t have to be explicit members of this G77 to stay in control of the whole G77 show since the US and its UNEI allies OWN the United Nations.

Besides, the UN is a known pedophile and genocide organization, anyone or anything working within frameworks of the United Nations remains tainted and an enemy of the people for life.

Therefore the following awardees are pure disinfo agents.

1. Geoengineering Watch

2. Without Press

3. SGT Report

4. The Daily Coin

5. OpEd News

6. Michael Butler

7. American Outrage

8. The Internet Post

9. The Golden Rule

10. Transition Times

11. Signs of the Times

12. Parhlo

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