Doctors Announce ‘Curing World’S First Case Of Ebola’ Using $40 Treatment

Doctors Announce ‘Curing World’S First Case Of Ebola’ Using $40 Treatment

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In a recent press release titled “Rapid Ebola Infection Cure, November 22, 2014″ Drs. Robert Rowen, of Santa Rosa California and Howard Robins, of New York City, have ‘announced the first cure’ of the Ebola infection in the world using a safe treatment costing less than $40. The treatment’s main pillar consists of direct intravenous infusion of ozone gas (DIV) with the additional aspects of oral vitamin C and glutathione support.

On Friday November 14, 2014, a physician at an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone in West Africa accidentally stabbed himself with an Ebola contaminated needle. Fortunately for the unlucky physician, Drs. Rowen and Robins had just finished an on-site training in Sierra Leone of the Rowen-Robins Ebola Treatment Protocol for the region’s health care professionals battling Ebola. According to the press release:

“Upon the emergence of symptoms 2 days later on Sunday November 16, he called Kojo Carew, MD of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Dr. Carew is the physician in charge of maintaining the program and equipment/supplies brought and taught by Rowen/Robins who came to Sierra Leone to teach the protocol at the invitation of President Ernest Bai Koroma in October 2014. The infected doctor did not return to work on Monday November 17, 2014, which became his first day of treatment.”

The press release goes on to describe the immediate collaboration across borders that led to what appears to be the ‘world’s first successful cure of the Ebola infection.’

“Dr. Rowen was informed of the needle stick on Sunday November 16, 2014, but was not advised that symptoms had yet developed. Rowen sent back instructions to treat him preventively and immediately with the protocol, believing the exposed doctor to be at great risk for symptoms to develop within 5 days. Dr. Robins, informed shortly after, concurred with the preventive protocol and urgency of treatment”

This press release comes on the heels of November 7th interview of Dr. Rowan by Alex Jones of in which the doctor chronicled his recent experience teaching the medical professionals in Sierra Leone. Particularly telling was Dr. Rowen’s description of the suppression he witnessed by the Minister of Health and his Deputies concerning his ozone therapy.


According to Dr. Rowen’s account:

“The medical staff at the Ebola center jockeyed, they vied to get (ozone) treatments to protect themselves.” He continues, “A call came in when we were there from the Minister of Health and then a second call came in from the Deputy Minister of Health telling the military major (who was in charge of the government facility) ‘If you value your job, there will be no ozone treatments at the facility.’”

Against this backdrop of information, one can get a better understanding of the November 22nd press release when it states:

“The doctor chose not to get an Ebola blood test at the time. A positive test would have mandated forced confinement in an Ebola treatment center where he would have been denied the ozone therapy. He believed this would likely have cost him his life, as the best clinics in Sierra Leone have a 60% death rate.”

The recent press release concludes by stating:

“Today, November 22, 2014, Dr. “X” is in apparent good health and completely symptom free.”

Dr. Rowen has been working with ozone therapy since 1986, which makes him one of the most experienced practitioners in North America. According to Dr. Rowen, the key benefits of ozone therapy are:

It can be administered at less than a dollar per treatment.

It improves blood flow.

It releases more oxygen from the red blood cells and it helps the mitochondria burn that oxygen to make energy.

It modulates the immune system.

Ozone is directly viral inactivating by biochemical processes (viruses are inactivated by oxidation and ozone is the ultimate oxidant and it’s non-toxic).

Taking the press release at face value, it would be of great importance for sustained, worldwide pressure to be applied to Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah, the current Minister of Health and Sanitation who is running the conventional Ebola treatment facilities (minus ozone therapy) in Sierra Leone. It is essential that he understand that the world’s eyes are now on him and evaluating his reasoning to exclude, what appears to be, a viable Ebola treatment available to his people now.

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  • theunhivedmind

    I’ve promoted Polyatomic Apheresis ozone therapy for years against disease, virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoa and biological weapons. I personally use Ozone therapy and so does my mother and we both have our own generators in fact I have one about two meters away from me right now. We both ingest ozone infused water made! I’ve recently pushed PA Ozone therapy as a method for quickly curing Ebola as well as IV Sodium Ascorbate therapy. You have to realize that sodium ascorbate (vitamin C safe for intravenous use) at pharmalogical dosages becomes an oxidizer just as Ozone therapy is using singlet oxygen which is far different to O2 ambient oxygen.

    Now today I find a Doctor has been introducing Ozone and training doctors on its use in Africa to sort out the Ebola issues. It seems as usual the medical mafia are having an hissy fit as they always do when you mention ozone. There have been countless PA ozone therapy doctors assassinated for treating and curing supposed terminal diseases thus stopping the culling and drug profiting of the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries that rakes in the profits from the miseries of innocent people just like the Rockefeller family in the U.S. They do not like you knowing that the Queen’s physician is Dr Peter Fisher the top homoeopath in Britain and that she relies mostly on homoeopathy and goes no where without her emergency homoeopathic kit and Fisher on call 24/7. The UK Ministry of Defence (Porton Down) and the US Department of Defense (USAMRIID) do not like you knowing how to counter all their biological culling weapons.

    If you want any information on Ozone from me personally then get in touch here or in a msg otherwise do some research on the web and/or look for a very informative and large book called ‘Flood your body with Oxygen’ by Ed McCabe. Remember this is not normal oxygen it is ozone (O3) aka singlet oxygen when it breaks down as it is highly unstable. We can also use IV hydrogen peroxide or 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted in water for ingestion. The latter works just the same but you have to be spot on with the dilutions or else. Ozone on the other hand is perfectly safe and can be thrown in your eyes in the water, you couldn’t do that with 35% hydrogen peroxide and you always have to be careful how it is stored.

    We also use IV Vitamin C against tumours and this has been standard practice in Turkey and other nations for a long time. If that interested you then also look at the Dr. Simoncini sodium bicarbonate catheter IV treatments against tumours.

    I should point out that a lot of so-called ebola symptoms in Africa have been occurring through purpose tainting of water wells (leading to some arrests) with formaldehyde to aid the covert coup d’etat of Liberia by the U.S Department of Defense and of Sierra Leone by the UK Ministry of Defence in attempts to counter China’s powers in Africa and the destruction of the slave Petrodollar recycling system. Most of the WHO’s ebola statistics are a compete farce with most never even having blood test conformation let alone the fact the Ebola diagnosis kits are faulty as well as polymerase chain reaction tests not being designed to do the job they are claimed to be used for (and that comes from the inventors own mouth himself Kary Mullis).

    Didn’t you ask yourself why our military were being taken into so-called ebola hot zones? Would you really take 3000+ fit U.S. troops into an Africa hotzone unless there was more to the story? Energy payments in chinese Yuan don’t go down too well, ask Saddam, Gaddafi and recently Christophe de Margerie the CEO of Total Oil, oh you cannot they were all horizontalized for trying to remove the evil petrodollar enslaving us all right now. Margerie was horizontalized within hours of signing agreements with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev to price oil outside the U.S. dollar.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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