Dog rescued 40 hours after being buried by heartless owner when neighbours hear whimpering

By Rob Cooper
Last updated at 2:39 PM on 4th November 2011

Battered and weary, this dog was rescued after 40 hours buried underground by his heartless owner.

Neighbours helped dig Jerry the Brittany spaniel out from below two-feet of earth and bricks in Delsenzano, Italy, after hearing his whimpering.

Police say the owner piled layer upon layer of earth on top of the dog to make sure he could not dig his way out.

Neighbours dialled 999 and he was rescued by experts who rushed him to an animal rescue centre where he has been recovering.

One rescuer said: ‘It was sickening to see such a lovely animal abused in such a cruel way. His owner admitted he’d buried him there the day before but couldn’t say why.’

The owner has apparently claimed he thought the animal was already dead and he was simply getting rid of the remains. However, he has been accused of cruelty.

‘His owner is to be charged with deliberate animal cruelty and if convicted will lose the right to own a pet again,’ said a prosecutor’s office spokesman.

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